Picture of RIGrunner 4007U with Digital Display and USB output
RIGrunner 4007U with Digital Display and USB output
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RIGrunner 4007U with Digital Display and USB output

RIGrunner is a convenient and safe way to connect your 12V equipment to a power source. The 4007U features 7 fused outputs, supply voltage and current measurements on a digital display, and a USB charging port compatible with iPhones and Android devices. Read Full Description
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SKU: RR-4007U


RIGrunner is the most convenient and safest way to connect all of your 12 volt equipment to a power source. It uses the excellent Anderson Powerpole connectors, standardizing all of your 12 VDC connections.

  • 40 amp 12 VDC continuous duty with 7 fused outlets.
  • Automatic supply voltage and load current measurement shown on a 3 x 7 segment display.
  • Automatic shut off on high (HVD) or low voltage condition (LVD).
  • Intelligent USB port for charging iPhone, Android and other USB devices.
  • Adjustable 7 segment display brightness.
  • External input for use with electrical/mechanical interlocks.
  • Internal RF bypass capacitors on all inputs and outputs.


  • Built in USA to IPC-610 commercial manufacturing standards by an ISO9002 facility.
  • Printed circuit board .062 FR4 material, extra heavy 3oz. copper, with greater than 1" wide high current traces.
  • Double sided, plated through holes, solder mask over bare copper, silk screened commercial grade printed circuit board.
  • Enclosure: .062 aluminum, with attractive and extremely durable powder coat painting and clear silk screen labels.
  • Power connectors: exclusively Anderson Power Products Powerpole connectors.
  • Connectors are arranged according to the ARES/RACES standard (see our links).
  • Fuses installed are standard ATC/ATO automotive fuses available in 10 values from 1 to 40 Amps.
  • Stainless steel hardware with PEM™ threaded mounting standoffs.
ModelTotal Max AmperageMax Outlet AmperageNumber of OutletsPrecision Power MonitorMaster Device or Vehicle Detect w/ TimerUSB Charger PortsHorizontal Configuration
Audible Alert 3 LED Status
Audible Alert 3 LED Status

Auto Outlet
Audible Alert 3 LED Status
Audible Alert 3 LED Status
Audible Alert, 3-digit voltage current display w/ Auto Shut-off

ON/OFF Push button



Overall Dimensions (maximum, w/o cables)0.9" H x 9.7" W x 3.2" D
Weight12.75 oz.
Voltage Readout Accuracy+/- 2% +1 Count
Current Readout AccuracyLess than 5A: +/- 0.25A, 5A to 40A: +/- 1A
High Trip15V Typical
Low Trip11V Typical
Auto Re-Start13V Typical
Switching time, High Trip15 milliseconds
Switching Time, Low Trip3.3 seconds
USB Charging Current2A Max. Continuous
Supply Current, Standby1.4mA Typical
Supply Current, Operating19mA Typical
Customer Reviews
Really nice addition to the shack. By
Got my 4007U from Powerwerx.
The voltage and amperage readouts are a nice touch. Would buy again. The guys  and gals at Powerwerx are easy to deal with and ship fast. 73
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The points are programmable, if you want to change them, RTM.
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Poorly implemented LVD By
One of the main reasons for buying this particular RIGrunner as opposed to the many others available is that it has a built-in low voltage disconnect (LVD). Others may have a warning light or whatever but this one will actually protect your battery bank by disconnecting all loads if the battery voltage drops below a certain threshold. What threshold is that? Well that's the problem. It's not in the PDF manual. Heck even WMR doesn't quite seem to know; I was told 11V and then 10.5. Either way, both of these voltages are way too low. At 11V, your state of charge is 0% and you've damaged your batteries. And most high current devices will start to fail well before that. 12V would have been a usable default. Even better, why not let the user set the voltage? I mean once you have an LCD screen and a button, all kinds of things are possible. Add another button and now you can have a simple menu-driven configuration.

WMR said that the low threshold takes into account voltage loss from the cabling. That is, if the 4007U is reading 11V, then the actual voltage at the battery terminals (before wire losses) would be higher. Unfortunately the math still doesn't add up. If you're losing that much voltage due to your wiring, then you should consider shortening the length or increasing the gauge. Again, instead of trying to come up with a single value for all scenarios, WMR should make the threshold configurable.
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