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RIGrunner 4005 - Starter Kit

This RIGrunner can deliver up to 40 amps total through 5 outlets and is available with top mounted Powerpole connectors. The Starter Kit includes RIGrunner 4005 plus 10 Sets of 30 Amp Powerpole connectors & 25 ft. of 12 gauge Red/Black Zip Cord.
Availability: Discontinued
SKU: RR-4005-Starter
Customer Reviews
Excellent product By
This product is by far one of the best products I have found for distributing 12VDC to equipment. It is a very well designed product, with its compact size, mounting holes and individual fused outputs and great reliability, this product was easily adapted to my application. I have just bought a second larger unit (4008) for another application after being very impressed with my initial purchase.

The fact that every output is fused is also a great safety feature, and means that a fault in a single load does not affect other devices sharing the supply, and makes it very easy to find the affected device, as opposed to having a single master fuse.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable way to distribute power using the Anderson Powerpole products.
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Geat Product & convienient Package By
I ordered this kit three years ago.  I have installed the components in two mobiles now, a MINI Cooper, and a Honda Ridgeline (I know from row boat to Aircraft Carrier)  The connectors provided are certainly convienient... I only needed to run over to Harbour Frieght for a $5 Crimper and I was in business.  The wire supplied is the best quality 12 ga very flexible and has held up very well iver two installs.  Well worth the convienience factor to order this kit.  I didn't have enough to complete the Ridge and I am ordering some more, makes the Radio Shack Zip Cord look like what it is -- crap.

As far as the RIGrunner is concerned it is the greatest.  I put a piece of commercial grade velcro on the back and stuck it to the bottom of the heater on the MINI -- unless you crawled under the dash you couldn't see it, but could easily reach it to plug in another device.  In addition to the radio I also had my rally equipment converted to powerpole, and this was a great distribution panel for a car without much real-estate for connections, and everything was neat and tidy.  

In the Ridge there is a lot more room, I put the RIGrunner lower on the center console for now... its not all that visible, but a little more convienient for field day operations, and it still looks neat and tidy, when you can see it.

I cant think of a better accessory for mobile operation, great for your own accesories, I have my GPS, Mobile Rig, APRS Tracker installed all the time, I can put the HF rig in, and a power inverter for the XYL for camping or outings, and when a friend joins me on a trip I just tell them to order or make up a powerpole set up for thier rig and they fit in, and feel welcome... no loose wires, nor short circuits, everything fused  -- and when you pop a fuse -- I did in the MINI, any local auto parts or convienience store has the fuse you need, which is great when you are living out of a tent a few hundred miles from home.  I didn't catch this originally, but when the fuse poped a red led below the fuse lit it up so you easily know which fuse blew -- a nice touch.

I recommend this to all the new hams I Elmer, and old hams as well.
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