Picture of PWRcheck+, DC power analyzer, watt meter, with logging plus software via USB
PWRcheck+, DC power analyzer, watt meter, with logging plus software via USB
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PWRcheck+, DC power analyzer, watt meter, with logging plus software via USB

An integrated DC analyzer measures volts, amps, watts, amp-hours and more. The backlit graphical LCD features 13 display modes. Hi-side monitoring is ideal for vehicle use. PC software via USB supports real-time monitoring, data download and charting. Read Full Description
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SKU: PWRcheck-Plus


  • Handles 8 display modes including voltage, current flow in either direction, wattage and amp-hours
  • Measures 0V* to 60V (Less than 8V requires USB power to PWRcheck+), 40A continuous load
  • Accurate to within +/- 10mV, +/- 10mA
  • Resolution - 10mV, 10mA
  • High side monitoring does not require breaking power supply ground or return path, ideal for vehicle use
  • Vibrant LCD color touchscreen displays data in digital, analog and bar graph formats
  • Monitor back up battery with programmable gas gauge
  • Non-volatile memory stores more than 100,000 data points (nearly 2 1/2 months worth of data @ 1 point per minute) without power
  • USB computer interface for configuration and data download
  • Programmable alarm conditions for overcurrent, over/under voltage, amp-hours
  • Uses Powerpole connectors (see Accessories)
  • Dimensions: 0.875" H x 4.5" W x 3" D


  • Easily program every aspect of PWRcheck+ operation such as data logging rate, display formats, alarm conditions
  • Displays current, voltage, wattage and amp-hours in real time
  • Integrated charting software automatically collects and displays data
  • Downloads stored data for later analysis
  • Exports to Excel


  • Input Voltage Without USB: 7-60V
  • Input Voltage With USB: 0-60V
  • Input Current: 0-40A
  • Input Current Used by PWRcheck+ Without USB: 0.120A
  • Input Current Used by PWRcheck+ With USB: 0A
  • PWRcheck+ requires a minimum 50mA load to measure voltages below 4.5V.


  • PWRcheck+ - integrated DC power analyzer, watt meter and electricity monitor
  • PWRcheck software
  • Micro USB cable
  • 2 pair Red and Black Powerpole with 30A contacts
  • Owner's Manual

Basic Requirements

  • At least an 800 X 600 graphics card and display monitor
  • Windows XP, Vista: 32 or 64 bit, Windows 7: 32 or 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • An available USB port
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