Picture of West Mountain Radio Epic PWRgate 12V Backup Power System
West Mountain Radio Epic PWRgate 12V Backup Power System
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West Mountain Radio Epic PWRgate 12V Backup Power System

West Mountain Radio's 3rd generation power gate product. A true solid state 40A backup power system. Connected loads will instantly switch to battery during an outage or power supply failure. Charges Gel, AGM and Lithium battery types. Optional direct solar input for battery charging. Read Full Description
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SKU: EpicPWRgate
  • Epic PWRgate is a 12 volt backup power system rated at 40 amperes continuous from either a Power Supply or a Battery.
  • Connected equipment will instantly switch to battery during a power blackout or power supply failure.
  • Low loss PWRgate provides forward voltage drop of only 0.05 volts.
  • USB port access to monitor system or to change charge parameters.
  • Program for specific battery types.
  • Supports smart charging of either Lead Acid or Li-Ion battery charging up to 10A.
  • Optional direct solar panel input for battery charging (all chemistries). Solar panel VOC must be <= 30V.
  • Can be programmed for vehicle use to suspend charging when the alternator is off.
  • Complete LED status indicators.
  • Battery charge suspend button to eliminate current draw or charger noise for 30 minutes.
  • Optional temperature probe to control charging based on battery temperature.
  • Solid, durable construction in an aluminum case. Includes mounting holes for convenient and secure use in mobile units.
  • Uses Anderson Powerpole connectors.
  • Includes: Epic PWRgate Unit, USB-micro Cable, (4) Retention Clips, Owners Manual, Reference Card
  • Maximum Voltage: PS 16V / Solar 30V
  • Maximum Current: 40 Amperes
  • Voltage Drop: 0.05VDC
  • Connectors: Anderson Powerpole, 40A
  • Connector Configuration: Top Mounted
  • Size: 4.5 x 3.375 x 1.25 in
  • Weight: 0.35 lbs
  • Mounting Holes: Four - 0.175 d, #8 hardware
 Lead AcidAGMLiFePO4
Charge Voltage13.8514.414.6
Charge Current1, 5 or 10 amps1, 5, 10 amps1, 5, 10 amps
Stop Charge Current0.5V0.25V0.25V
Trickle Charge0.15V0.15V0V
Recharge Voltage12.2V12.2V12.8V
Max Charge Time25 hrs25 hrs25 hrs
Retry Time4 hrs4 hrs4 hrs
ChemistryLead AcidAGMLiFePO4
Min PS Volts13.0V13.0V13.0V
Lowest Temp (F)0035
Highest Temp (F)120120110
Use Temp for ChargeYesYesNo
Customer Reviews
Excellent Product By
A little expensive but, keeps any battery chemistry happy and at the exact right charge voltage.  I really like the information that the LEDs provide.  One glance and you know exactly what mode/state of charge the unit is in.  Worth every penny.
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epic powergate By
very good but most expensive for 40 amps, i hope they built a new 80 amps for same price. so the epic powergate make very good job in my shack and nothing bad for this except the price.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (42/6)
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