Picture of Powerwerx Watt Meter, DC Inline Power Analyzer, 45A Continuous, 12 Gauge, Powerpole Connectors
Powerwerx Watt Meter, DC Inline Power Analyzer, 45A Continuous, 12 Gauge, Powerpole Connectors
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Powerwerx Watt Meter, DC Inline Power Analyzer, 45A Continuous, 12 Gauge, Powerpole Connectors

Measuring capacity up to 60V and 100A. 12 gauge wire with Powerpole connectors. Bright green backlit LCD display. Measures 8 electrical parameters: Amps, Volts, Watts, Amp-hours, Watt-hours, Peak Amps, Minimum Volts (Sag), Peak Watts. No configuration, works automatically! Read Full Description
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SKU: WattMeter-PP
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This easy to use meter is ideal for monitoring eight electrical parameters that are essential to electric power safety and performance: Amps, Volts, Watts, Amp-hours, Watt-hours, Peak Amps, Minimum Volts (Sag), and Peak Watts. With a capacity of up to 60 volts and 100 amps, high contrast green backlit display and auto reset feature, you’ll be sure find many great uses for this watt meter and power analyzer.

Safety Precautions

High power electrical systems pose many dangers. It is the user’s responsibility to be familiar with these dangers and take any action necessary to ensure safe use. Shorting a battery or battery charger can have serious consequences including explosion, fire, damage to equipment, or personal injury. Exceeding the rated specifications or shorting the watt meter will cause damage to the meter and void your warranty.

Initial Setup & Wiring

The red source wire goes to the positive (+) source or battery terminal. The black source wire (-) goes to the negative terminal. Use caution when making connections to ensure all connections are tight use adequate wire size to handle higher amps/current. This watt meter is available with either Powerpole connectors pre-installed or with bare wire ends for installation of your own type of connectors.

Watt Meter Display Screen

Startup Screen
Each time power is applied to the watt meter (or the auxiliary power connector), the startup screen is briefly displayed. Then the Amp-hours, Watt-hours, Peak Amps, Minimum Volts, and Peak Watts parameters are all reset to zero.

Display Parameters
The display screen will continuously measure and display Amps, Volts and Watts. All other values are presented sequentially every second. In the lower left position of the display, data values are identified by their units (Ah, Wh, Ap, Vm, Wp).

Amps (Current) & Peak Amps (A, Ap)
Only current from source to load can be measured. Drawing current in reverse will cause damage to the meter. The Amps (A) value displayed shows the average current over the last screen refresh. The Peak Amps value (Ap) displays the maximum current drawn since the meter’s last startup. Spikes or peak amperage readings lasting a fraction of a second may also be captured.

Voltage & Minimum Volts (V, Vm)
The displayed Volts (V) value is the average voltage from the last screen refresh. The displayed Minimum Volts (Vm) value is the minimum voltage or “sag” measured on the source side, since the meter’s last startup.

Watt-hours (Energy) (Wh)
The displayed value is the total energy delivered in Watt-hours since the meter’s last startup. It is measured from the load side for the most accurate results.

Amp-hours (Charge) (Ah)
The displayed value is the total charge delivered in Amp-hours since the meter’s last startup. It is measured from the load side for the most accurate results.

Watts (Power) & Peak Watts (W, Wp)
The displayed Watts (W) value is the average Watts (Amps * Volts) from the last screen refresh. The displayed Peak Watts (Wp) value is the maximum watts measured since the meter’s last startup.

Auxiliary Power Connector Cable

By connecting the watt meter directly to a battery or power source, the meter requires a minimum of 5V to power itself. However, if you are using the optional auxiliary power connector, the meter can be powered through the auxiliary source, and measure the complete range of 0 to 60V. Another benefit of the optional auxiliary power connector is that it powers the meter through the auxiliary source. The regular source to load measurements become more precise, as the measurements do not include the small amount of power required to operate the meter. Only 2 of the 3 wires on the auxiliary power connector are used. Refer to the watt meter black housing for (+) and (-) indicators showing how to power the watt meter using the auxiliary input.

Connection Example Diagrams

Typical Load Testing
The following diagram shows the most common use of the watt meter, connecting a DC source like a battery, solar panel or power supply (5-60V), to any DC load.


Load Testing Below 5 Volts
The following diagram shows the use of the auxiliary power connector which powers the meter externally and allows voltage measurements down to 0V. This configuration also provides increased accuracy and lower loss as power consumed by the meter is not included in the measurements.


Battery Charging
The following diagram shows how a battery must be moved to the load side to measure battery charge, as the power flows from the battery charger (source), to the battery (load).



  • Amps: 45A continuous, 100A peak, 0.01 A resolution from 1 ~ 100
  • Voltage: 0 ~ 60V, 0.01 V resolution (5 to 60V without optional auxiliary power connector)
  • Wire Type: 12 gauge wire
  • Watts: 0 ~ 7800W, 0.1 W resolution
  • Amp-hours: 0 ~ 65Ah, 0.001 Ah resolution
  • Watt-hours: 0 ~ 6554Wh, 0.1 Wh resolution
  • Display: High-contrast green backlit LCD display
  • Size: 3.3 x 1.7 x 1.0" (85 x 42 x 24mm)
  • Weight: 0.18 lbs. (82 g)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
Environmental & Legislation

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Customer Reviews
Great meter - does exactly as advertised By
I use this meter in two main modes:  measure power delivered from a solar panel to charge controller; measure voltage and Watt-hours from the battery to my DC bus (rig, usb devices, etc.).   Works perfectly.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (2/1)
Benchmark Your Rig By
Fantastic device for tracking specs on your rig. Ah metric helped me nail down what size battery I would actually need in the field.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (7/0)
They Increased Display Brightness! By
Sometime between the summers of 2020 and 2021, they increased the display brightness significantly so it can be read much more easily in the the field! I'm not sure how much internal power is required but I've compared this new version to my older, dimmer version (from last year) and the readings seem to be identical. Kudos to Powerwerx for listening to their customers who complained about the display brightness. 73 KJ6ER
Was this review helpful? Yes No (16/0)
Problems reading display values by Ben By
Some of the other reviewers expressed the same problems with reading in sunlight and update speed. Otherwise it would be nice to select which parameter that one is interested in reading. In my case, it would be AmpHrs so that I know the remaining Amphrs in my battery in my pontoon boat.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (7/1)
Does The Math By
It does exactly what I want it to.  The only thing I could wish for is a lower price tag... but I paid it so that proves that, to me at least, it's worth it.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (14/2)
Good but... By
Handy, many features. Why not have the male terminals inside the unit enclosure... Unfortunately for us in one of the African hell-holes just tooo expensive (multiply USD with 15 and add 30% import tax... Don't forget to add approx USD15-25 for p&p.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (9/25)
Perfect in my radio shack... By
I have this little gizmo hooked up between my powersupply and my DC connecting point in the shack. I would have expected longer cords but thats a minor problem.

SM6VYM Johnnie
Was this review helpful? Yes No (16/8)
digits poorly allocated By
There is one thing to be aware of in this meter: it rolls over at 65 Ah.
That means that if you are trying to measure some period of time wherein more than 65 Ah pass through, you will get a goofy reading and you will have to estimate how many times it has rolled over and add back all that missing quantity.

It works in as far as it works. But the builder missed an opportunity to do much better. There are 5 digits in the display; it reads up to 65.535 and then rolls over to zero, which is silly because all future readings will henceforth be wrong. (Depending on how much current is drawn, this may take minutes or hours or days or seconds.) If the device was redesigned to use all 5 of those digits optimally, it would keep counting up to 65,536 Ah, which is a thousand times more useful!

The device works as advertised. But I have to read mine 4 times a day to be sure to catch all the rollovers. Without any change in hardware, it would be much more convenient ... I could read it once a month instead!
Was this review helpful? Yes No (89/4)
Excellent meter! By
This meter provides outstanding information including voltage, amp-hours, consumed, Amps, and Watt-hours consumed.  It is extremely useful for ham radio (and also various other applications).
Was this review helpful? Yes No (15/10)
Not a bad meter By
I am happy with the meter but wish the display sequence was slower, perhaps changing once every three seconds.  Maybe even a way to toggle through and have it stop on which reading you'd like.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (52/5)
Watt meter By
I'm using it to measure power delivered from my solar panel to charge controller.  It seems to work okay.  I like that it keeps track of the peak values and the display cycles through the parameters its measuring.  I have a couple of suggestions for future improvements however.  Daylight readability of the display is difficult as others have mentioned here.  The other issue I had was that the plastic window in the case does not tolerate temperatures that you would encounter in a closed car in Florida.  After one day in the sun, the window distorted and now has 'humps' in it.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (47/5)
Not good in daylight applications By
I recently purchased the Powerwerx Watt Meter, DC Inline Power Analyzer to monitor my trolling motor.  The problem with this product is that the screen is completely invisible or unreadable in normal daylight applications.  The screen is only visible indoors with artificial light or darkness.  That means this meter is useless in most outdoor applications.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (83/8)
Very Nice By
Very nice meter and performs as advertised.  I also wish leads were a bit longer maybe total of 8 to 12 inches.  Display can be a tad difficult to read in very bright sunlight.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (51/6)
Good Product By
Performs as advertized and does everything I need it to do. My only issue is the display, I prefered the old green display as I found it easier to read.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (43/8)
Almost perfect!!! By
Meter does exactly what I need and more but, a 4 1/2 stars because the leads could be about 2"-3" longer. IMHO
Was this review helpful? Yes No (65/5)
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