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TERA TR-7400 Digital DMR UHF 1024 Channel Handheld Commercial Radio

UHF Digital/Analog Part 90 DMR commercial transceiver with digital OLED display. Ideal for Fire, Search & Rescue, EMS, Police, Sheriff, Forestry and Security operations. Waterproof IP67 and MIL-STD 810 E/F/G rated. 400-470 MHz. Read Full Description
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SKU: TR-7400
GTIN: 840128904367
Customer Reviews
Le meilleur radio que j'ai eu By
Le Tera TR-Tr7400 est fait solidement et son affichage est très bien. La batterie a une très bonne autonomie et se charge assez rapidement. L'antenne d'origine est excellente. Le logiciel de programmation est dans les standards des radios DMR.  En fin de compte, ce radio est parfait, je l'adore.
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TERA TR-7400 Digital DMR UHF Great DMR and FM Radio By
Had this shipped to the UK. It arrived well packed and as soon as i opened the box the radio felt sturdy and quality in my Hand. I downloaded the software from including the Massive contact list and it all worked first time, Its audio is very good and it picks up transmissions very well both on DMR and FM and ive had very good audio reports from the mike and the speaker mike. In fact i cant think of anything i dont like. I would give it 5 stars................G8TPM
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My favorite Radio. By
This radio is as solid as you can find in the DMR market. If you have ever held a commercial radio then you will love this one. I needed help with the drivers for the programming cable. I called Powerx and they took care of it remotely . Next I contacted them about updating the DMR contact list. The guy walked me through it as I watched him remotely do it for me . He was very patient and took up a lot time answering any  questions. You can not do a direct entry with the radio as of yet. This is not a deal breaker since it will hold every talk group you can come up with. The audio is fantastic . This radio sounds extremely clear on DMR and analog. I use it on analog with my Echolink and Wires X node. The battery life is excellent. The supplied antennas work fine in my rural area. Overall I am extremely pleased with this transceiver. Customer service will keep me coming back. Chuck N4UED
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Battleship tough review By
As a volunteer on the battleship Iowa, I use my TR-7400 to communicate with others working to restore radios below decks. Today, as I was going down to deck three, my TR-7400 got caught in some protective side webbing and pulled free of my belt, as I desended into the interior of the ship. I watched in horror as my TR-7400 fell through the deck three hatch, bounced off the deck, bounced into a second hatch descended to level four, hit a bulkhead and went through another hatch at level five and continued to bounce until I lost sight of it. I finally located my TR-7400 face down on deck six. The radio was still on and working as if nothing unusual happened! All functions worked as normal! Close examination showed a small nick in the plastic just above the 'T' on the TERA name tag. This radio takes a lickin and just keeps on tickin! Congratulations on having such a Super product! This gets a 5 star rating!
73 Matt WA6AJC
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Outstanding Radio By
My First DMR Portable, I absolutely love it, strong transmit into DMR repeaters and nice clear audio, Definitely reccomend, just wish they had a dual band
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The most functional and reliable DMR Radio on the market. By
The TERA 7400 UHF 2-Way DMR Radio is a true market DMR leader that supports both FM Analog and DMR Digital modes. This radio is built with high quality material, designed to meet Military Standards around the world and to top it off, it is IP67 water proof to 1 meter. This radio supports 400-470MHz of the UHF spectrum, it comes with a battery, charger, antenna and software. Many codeplugs are now available and for Ham Radio Operators the entire DMR MARC database can be imported into this radio via a CSV file. This radio is by far the most functional DMR radio that serves both the Commercial and the Ham Radio applications. I have owned this radio for 2 weeks and it meets all my requirements. I recommend this radio for any and all 2-way radio DMR Tier 1 and 2 applications, this radio will outperform the competition in spades. With 1.5-watt audio output rest assured you will hear the radio in the loudest environments. This radio supports FM Analog PL and DMR Digital Color Codes and complies with DMR worldwide standards Tier 1 and 2. If you are looking for a DMR radio, this is a great choice at a great price. All the best…

Please goto software downloads tab and download software and codeplugs.
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Great Raido!!! By
I will say by far this is the best raido!! It does all I need and more. Works like a  Motorola handheld. Programming is very easy. I'm going to be switching my agency over to them in time.
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Great Radio By
Great radio. Its a little pricey compared other non motorola radios out there. However, not a bit disappointed with the radio. Has great sound quality. Easy to program and has great reception as well. It can also be programmed from the front after unlocking it with the software provided which is great for amateur radio use or field programming at an incident. The display is easy to read in bright and dark conditions. Radio comes with two antennas. 1) High gain 2) Short stubby antenna. I would highly recommend this radio to fire/ems/law or amateur radio users.
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