Picture of TERA TR-505 GMRS Recreational Handheld Radio
TERA TR-505 GMRS Recreational Handheld Radio
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TERA TR-505 GMRS Recreational Handheld Radio

The affordable TR-505 GMRS 16 channel radio is ideal for recreational activities with family and friends. Includes 16 pre-programmed (GMRS) UHF channels. Optional (MURS) VHF license free channels. Offers an incredible combination of power, size and battery life. Ready to use out of the box! Read Full Description
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Availability: In Stock
SKU: TR-505
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TERA TR-505 is a multi-use GMRS radio which is ideal for a variety recreational activities including hiking, biking and hunting. The TR-505 provides reliable radio communications for friends and families to keep in touch.


Pre-programmed with 16 GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) channels, including both repeater and direct handheld to handheld communications. Ideal for use with most outdoor activities including: hiking, biking, skiing, and hunting. Full 4 watts of transmit power for increased range and coverage area.

MURS License Free Operation

When purchasing the optional USB programming cable, users may program MURS license free VHF operation channels. A free MURS programming file is available for download.

Simple Operation

Easy to operate radio with its compact size, 16 channels and simple to use top mounted volume and channel knobs. A built-in channel lock feature is also available. Built-in voice announce feature for memory channel, battery level, hi/low power, channel lock/unlock and scan on/off status.

Affordable, Ready to Go

Each radio includes a Li-ion rechargeable battery (which provides up to 30 hours of operation between re-charges), 2 hour desk charger, flexible antenna, belt clip and operations manual.

Increased Range

Talk farther distances on (UHF) channels with a full 4 watts power output. Communicate up to 10 miles depending on terrain. A selectable low power 1 watt setting is also available for shorter range communications.

Rugged Design

Rugged designed handheld radio with loud receive audio. Includes a 1 year limited warranty, factory supported and serviced in the USA.

Tech Specs

GMRS Channels15 GMRS direct handheld to handheld UHF channels
BatteryOperate 30 hours between charges with the supplied 1600 mAh lithium ion battery in the power saver mode. Includes voice announce to monitor battery life.
ApplicationsIdeal communications for friends and family to keep in touch. Recommended for recreational activities including hiking, biking, skiing, hunting and more.
Pre-programmedPre-programmed out of the box with 16 pre-programmed (GMRS) UHF channels. Software re-programmable with the optional USB Programming Cable for the MURS VHF license free channels.
Audio Output800 mW of loud speaker output for noisy environments
Quiet TonesCTCSS/DCS tone squelch with split tone capability. Quiet tones are re-programmable with the optional USB programming cable.
Package IncludesDual-band radio, lithium ion battery, desk charger, dual-band antenna, belt clip, user manual, wrist strap
CertificationsFCC Part 95 certified
ChannelRX FrequencyRX ToneTX FrequencyTX ToneTX Power
Channel 1462.5625 MHzNone462.5625 MHz141.3Low
Channel 2462.5875 MHz141.3462.5875 MHz141.3Low
Channel 3462.6125 MHz141.3462.6125 MHz141.3Low
Channel 4462.6375 MHz141.3462.6375 MHz141.3Low
Channel 5462.6625 MHz141.3462.6625 MHz141.3Low
Channel 6462.6875 MHz141.3462.6875 MHz141.3Low
Channel 7462.7125 MHz88.5462.7125 MHz88.5Low
Channel 8462.5500 MHz88.5462.5500 MHz88.5High
Channel 9462.5750 MHzNone462.5750 MHz141.3High
Channel 10462.6000 MHzNone462.6000 MHz141.3High
Channel 11462.6250 MHzNone462.6250 MHz141.3High
Channel 12462.6500 MHzNone462.6500 MHz141.3High
Channel 13462.6750 MHzNone462.6750 MHz141.3High
Channel 14462.7000 MHzNone462.7000 MHz141.3High
Channel 15462.7250 MHzNone462.7250 MHz141.3High
ChannelRX FrequencyTX FrequencyQuiet ToneNotes
Channel 1151.8200 MHz151.8200 MHz88.5 T SqlMURS-1
Channel 2151.8800 MHz151.8800 MHz88.5 T SqlMURS-2
Channel 3151.9400 MHz151.9400 MHz88.5 T SqlMURS-3
Channel 4154.5700 MHz154.5700 MHzNoneMURS-4
Channel 5154.6000 MHz154.6000 MHzNoneMURS-5
Channel 9162.4000 MHz  WX2
Channel 10162.4250 MHz  WX4
Channel 11162.4500 MHz  WX5
Channel 12162.4750 MHz  WX3
Channel 13162.5000 MHz  WX6
Channel 14162.5250 MHz  WX7
Channel 15162.5500 MHz  WX1
Customer Reviews
Love This Radio By
I have had this radio for almost a year and I LOVE IT. It's simple yet powerful.  Every time I think I have hit this radio's limit, it just surprises me. I have had no problems with it mechanically, programming it is easy, and the cadre of accessories you can get are all great. If you want simple yet powerful, this is the radio for you. I will say that you should change out the factory antenna and go for the stronger "whip" antenna. It'll give you a lot more range when talking.
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Great Utility Radio By
Great radio to use for neighborhood and family communications. MURS can be programmed in legally for license free fun that's less crowded than the FRS/GMRS frequencies. Or you can program in the combined GMRS/FRS channels to talk to the kids or friends who are using bubble-pack radios. (Not legal for FRS-only channels.)

Personally, I have a combination of MURS, GMRS, and ham frequencies along with our local NOAA WX channel programmed in. A lot to cram into 16 channels with the ability to communicate with MURS radios for license-free comm, the FRS/GMRS calling and emergency channels, and our local CERT repeater and wide area repeaters. A couple of simplex channels included as well. A great emergency comm choice.

With an IP54 rating a little rain or dirt shouldn't bother this radio.

The free software works well with a generic Chinese old Motorola-style connector for programming. Not ideal, but it works for hand-programming 16 channels.

Transmit and receive audio are good and receive audio is loud enough for most uses.

The few downsides? Enabling scan disables channel 16. Accessories are a bit higher in price (though cheap compared to Icom or Yaesu accessories). The Motorola-style connector means having to buy duplicates for microphones, programming cables, etc. if you already are invested in Kenwood-style accessories. The dry-cell case only supports AAA batteries instead of AA, limiting capacity.

Overall, I would recommend this radio to someone who needs a better LEGAL GMRS radio than is available from a bubble-pack. Someone who wants a good quality LEGAL MURS radio without buying a Motorola. Or someone who wants a versatile and LEGAL radio to mix MURS, GMRS and ham frequencies.

Not perfect, but the best legal way to get on multiple non-commercial services.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (51/3)
Excellent radio, fantastic price (for the quality)! By
I could not be more pleased with the quality and price.  Great product.  I have recommended it to friends.
Was this review helpful? Yes No (14/3)
great radio By
I have my GMRS licence and wanted compliant radio with a detachable antenna that was repeater capable. This radio nails it. Good batteries, detachable antenna, good programming software. Make sure you buy the programming cable. The antenna is ok, but I upgraded mine. Over all, for the money, this is a great radio, and is GMRS part 95 legal. I plan on buying at least one more. The only downside of this radio for me was that it only has 16 chanels and does not have a digital display. the digital display would put this in a class of its own for a basic legal GMRS redio.
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Finally -- the Emergency Comms radio I've been looking for! By
Way to go, TERA, on this idea. I am a licensed amateur radio operator as well as GMRS licensee, so have radios coming out my ears around my house.

Our community is in the mountains, and emergency comms is important -- such that our community has annual drills. All of the EmComm folks are GMRS licensed, and we've been using GMRS 'bubble-pack' radios from Midland: ~1.0-1.5W, fixed antenna. Range and quality of audio is a serious issue, and forces folks to relay messages from fringe areas to the operations/base.

We've recently discovered MURS -- license free, and near 2meter band (151 and 154MHz) which carries better... but we couldn't find a solid MURS radio with a detachable antenna.

We really want:
() GMRS and MURS capability
() detachable antenna, to use large/external antennas
() Li+ batteries for weight and longer life
() decent chargers (less than 2-3hrs)
() easy to use
() easy to program

This is the only radio out there that meets all this criteria -- and for a fair price. Build quality, audio quality, and performance all seem to be good for the price.

Note that the radio comes pre-programmed with CTCSS/PL codes on all channels. Be sure to buy the programming cable.
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