Picture of TERA TR-500 Dual Band VHF/UHF 16 Channel Handheld Commercial Radio
TERA TR-500 Dual Band VHF/UHF 16 Channel Handheld Commercial Radio
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TERA TR-500 Dual Band VHF/UHF 16 Channel Handheld Commercial Radio

Dual-band, 16 channel Part 90 commercial transceiver offers an incredible combination of power, size and battery life. Ideal for security, businesses, schools, restaurants and surveyors. 136-174/400-470 MHz, includes 1600 mAh Li-ion battery, desk charger. Read Full Description
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SKU: TR-500
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TERA TR-500 is a rugged, high-performance, 16-Channel commercial VHF/UHF handheld transceiver providing simple operation with up to 5 watts of RF power output.

Voice Announce

Built-in voice announce feature for memory channel, battery level, hi/low power, channel lock/unlock and scan on/off status.

Full Power Output

Full 5 watts power output on VHF, 4 watts on UHF. Selectable TX low power is always available to extend battery life.

16 Channels

Store VHF and UHF frequencies into any of the 16 memory channels. Split frequency programming is also available.

1 Year Warranty

Rugged designed and backed with an industry leading 1 year limited warranty. Factory supported and serviced in the USA.

Tech Specs

Memory Channels16 channels (VHF and UHF frequencies)
Power LevelsProgrammable power levels (VHF: 5/2W, UHF: 4/1W)
BatteryOperate 30+ hours between charges with the supplied 1600 mAh lithium ion battery in the power saver mode. Includes voice announce to monitor battery life.
IndustriesIdeal for security patrols, business communications, schools, construction crews, universities, and other organizations that have FCC licensed frequencies.
Pre-programmedOperational out of the box with 16 pre-programmed business channels. Software re-programmable with the optional USB Programming Cable.
Audio Output800 mW of loud speaker output for noisy environments
Quiet TonesCTCSS/DCS tone squelch with split tone capability
Frequency RangeVHF: 136-174 MHz, UHF: 400-470 MHz RX/TX
Package IncludesDual-band radio, lithium ion battery, desk charger, dual-band antenna, belt clip, user manual, wrist strap
CertificationsFCC Part 90 certified
ChannelFequency (TX/RX)Quiet TonePowerNotes
Channel 1464.5500 MHz67.0 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-1
Channel 2467.9250 MHz67.0 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-2
Channel 3467.8500 MHz67.0 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-3
Channel 4467.8750 MHz67.0 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-4
Channel 5469.5125 MHz77.0 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-54
Channel 6466.3125 MHz110.9 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-45
Channel 7466.3375 MHz110.9 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-46
Channel 8466.3625 MHz110.9 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-47
Channel 9467.7875 MHz110.9 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-48
Channel 10467.8375 MHz110.9 Tone4WBusiness Ch. CLS-49
Channel 11467.8625 MHz110.9 Tone4WBusiness Ch. CLS-50
Channel 12467.8875 MHz110.9 Tone4WBusiness Ch. CLS-51
Channel 13467.9125 MHz110.9 Tone4WBusiness Ch. CLS-52
Channel 14469.4875 MHz110.9 Tone4WBusiness Ch. CLS-53
Channel 15154.570 MHz88.5 Tone1WVHF Business Ch.
Channel 16154.600 MHz88.5 Tone1WVHF Business Ch.
Customer Reviews
Tera TR-500 By
We have been purchasing Tera TR-500 radios for several years it meets our needs and is type excepted and easy to program. This nice compact handheld besides being dual band, is very durable, compact & lightweight and has very good audio. Our staff enjoy carrying these all day.
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Does What It Says It Will Do By
The Tera TR-500 is a compact dual band Part 90 certificated radio, simple to operate. It appears to meet the published specs from my preliminary testing. Receiver sensitivity is good, about 0.1uv with no squelch, about 0.15uv with squelch set to 3. It uses the same programming cable as the HYT series radios (e.g., HT600), and I would presume (but have not verified) the same speaker mic (same pin spacing). For a basic 16 channel radio the end user can't screw up, this does the job. The FCC ID number (2ACK8TR500)is properly printed on the manufacturer label. I have a quantity of 16 channel UHF HYT radios that I've had in service for several years; this (from the same manufacturer) appears to be of comparable quality. I bought one to evaluate, and will probably buy a quantity when funding is available. From what I can tell, the radio appears to be fully Part 90 compliant. An added bonus is it permits wide band programming in the US Ham bands (but narrow only outside the ham bands, which is required).

While scanning is not something I would normally do with this radio, it does permit scanning and has an unusual feature. You can program all 16 channels, and set a function button to start/stop scanning. Or, you can omit channel 16 and when you turn the knob to channel 16 it will start scanning (based on a programming setting). The manual discusses the channel 16 setting and I was concerned at the loss of a channel to be able to use scanning, but you can enable scanning and have all 16 channels programmed.

If you have voice prompts enabled, it announces the function of the side buttons when you press them, handy for a radio without a display.

Minor criticisms.
1. If you program a channel as low power, and you enable the high/low power switch on one of the buttons, you can change that channel to high power. So if you are licensed on lower power and want to make sure the operator cannot set the power to high, you would have to not enable the high/low power toggle (which you can do in programming).
2. There is no talk-around function. If you need that capability you have to eat two memory channels and program the channel as a repeater in one, and direct in the other.
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