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Power Cable for FM Radios fits Powerwerx DB-750X, Yaesu, Kenwood & Icom

This DC power cable is 9 ft. long 14 AWG. The OEM "T" style connector is the power source side and mates with many FM radios. Inline glass AGC style 15A fuses on both sides offer circuit protection. Connect to your power source with bare copper wire.
Availability: Discontinued
GTIN: 840128902240
Customer Reviews
Perfect replacement for Yaesu mobiles! By
When I needed to change power source configurations, I chose to purchase this cable from Powerwerx to replace the OEM cable supplied with my FTM-6000 radio. The T-connector is a perfect fit, and the cable is the same gauge as the original Yaesu power cable. Both (+) and (-) sides of the cable are fused, as well.
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