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Powerwerx PWRbox Portable Power Box for 12-15Ah SLA or AGM Batteries

Ideal for charging smartphones, tablets, radios and operating DC powered electronics. When the grid fails or you are off-grid, the PWRbox is always ready to go. Proudly made in the USA.
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Customer Reviews
Perfect Multi-Purpose Portable Power By
I'm both a Ham and an amateur astronomer. Both benefit from portable 12V power. I just received my PWRbox and SLA battery today. This box can power my KX3, VX-8 handheld, charge my phone, and power a telescope at the same time, not that expect to need all at once. Other products I compared and home brews can't come close for price and features. The volt meter is nice addition as some equipment is damaged by low voltage which can happen as use drains the battery and the temperature falls at night.

Only suggestion, add an ordering option for the red meter for us astronomers. Blue light is frowned upon in the field. I may look into replacing my meter with the red voltage and temperature meter.

Steve, KC2VDQ
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Excellent Choice When You Lack Tools or Want to Save Time By
There are multiple videos on YouTube which show you how to make a power box. They all tell you to buy a plastic ammo box and drill multiple holes in the box that will be used to mount accessories in the box such as a voltage meter, on/off switch, USB ports, banana jack posts, a cigarette lighter shaped port, fuses, etc. They tell you to cut up some wires and hook up all these accessories together in the ammo box with detailed instructions on where you will be attaching all these wires and accessories. This product is virtually identical to what they are showing you how to make in the YouTube videos. Buying this product will save you a great deal of time on the complicated assembly they show in the videos. It will also save you money if you lack the tools needed to make your own power box.
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Excellent product! A must for portable ham radio operation. By
I was considering buying the bits and pieces and building this myself as I already had the box.  But truthfully the difference in price for the parts vs the already built unit is minimal.  Powerwerx has already assembled and wired the unit and all you need to do is put in the battery and connect it.  The power button even has a circuit breaker built in!

I'm using it for portable power for my HF and VHF/UHF Amateur Radios that run 10W of output power.  Along with a solar panel and solar charger I hope to never be out of power.  I look forward to setting my radios, powerbox and solar panel up in the park or take camping this summer!

Now I can use the spare identical box for all the cables, antennas and accessories for the radio.  Simply grab the radios, the 2 boxes and go!

Cheers, Garnet Ryder, VE7GNR
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