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Powerwerx PWRbox Portable Power Box for 12-40Ah Bioenno Batteries

Ideal for charging smartphones, tablets, radios and operating DC powered electronics. When the grid fails or you are off-grid, the PWRbox is always ready to go. Proudly made in the USA. Read Full Description
Availability: Discontinued
GTIN: 840128903339
Customer Reviews
Good box By
I’m running a Miady 16ah lifepo4 battery along with an Epic Pwr gate charge controller inside the box with room to spare for extra cables etc.  I added an extra panel pole for inputs from solar and my power supply to the controller.  

This is being used as my shack’s primary power source for my 991a and is portable enough for SOTA work in the mountains.

The included velcro for holding the battery is fine for static work but I need to come up with a more secure solution for riding in a backpack.
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Very convenient and rugged package By
Added my 35AH Gel cell and has been a champ.  Use for my CPAP when we dry camp.  My wife has found a LED overhead light we use over the table. I guess I will need to get another one?  I could have built one myself, but honestly I weighed out sourcing the components and after I added my time, came to the decision it was more economical to purchase the box from Powerworx.  Highly recommend it.
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Great little box By
Perfect box for a day of ham radio at the park or beach.  I have a 20ah Bioenno in mine and it does quite well.  With the 20ah inside I have room for a solar charge controller, the ac adapter from Bioenno, inline watt meter, and any cables I need to bring along.  If doing this one again I probably would have gone to a 30ah battery, but this does ok for my needs.  I have also added the new MegaBox to my kit, which is better for the longer trips with a much larger battery.
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