Picture of Powerwerx PWRbox MINI Portable Power Box 20 Ah
Powerwerx PWRbox MINI Portable Power Box 20 Ah
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Powerwerx PWRbox MINI Portable Power Box 20 Ah

With 25% more power at 240 Watt-hours, This portable power station is ready to use right out of the box. Perfect for charging smartphones, tablets, fish finders, two-way radios, portable 12V fridges and many other small 12V devices. If the power goes out, or you are camping in a remote location, the PWRbox Mini 20Ah can keep your favorite small devices powered up and ready to go. Read Full Description
Availability: In Stock
SKU: PWRbox-20
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DC Power up to 15A continuous

The side mounted red backlit circuit breaker switch is rated at 15 amps maximum and turns on/off power to the blue digital voltmeter, (2) USB fast QC3.0 charging ports, and the automotive 12V socket. The voltmeter and USB charger draw a small parasitic load on the battery even when not in use.

High Current DC

(2) Anderson Powerpole connectors, compatible with the PP15/30/45 series, provide high current DC output, wired directly to the battery and protected by an inline fuse.

Built-in LED Worklight

LED worklight with dedicated on/off button. Works as a powerful and portable flashlight.

Battery Charger Included

Includes AC-DC battery charger with Anderson Powerpole connector. Output 14.6VDC, 4A (CC/CV charge profile for LiFePO4 batteries).

Typical Operation Time or Amount of Charges for Consumer Devices

Included Battery Size20 Ah (204Wh @ 85%)
Smart Phone (5-8W)26-41 Hours
Fish Finder (12-24W)9-17 Hours
Portable GPS Unit (24-36W)6-9 Hours
Tablet (25-40W)5-8 Charges
12VDC Fridge (10-18W)11-20 Hours
12VDC Mattress Pump (75W)Up to 3 Hours
QRP HF Radio -12V (80% Rx/20% Tx)16-21 Hours
VHF Marine Radio -12V (90% Rx/10% Tx)15-19 Hours
Built-in LED Work Light (3W)Up to 68 Hours



Battery Capacity20 Amp Hours
Battery ChemistryLiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Battery Protection30 Amp Inline Fuse
Max Current (Auto Socket)15 Amps
Max Current (Combined)25 Amps
Nominal Voltage12 Volts
Charging Voltage14.6 Volts (CC/CV charge profile LiFePO4 batteries)
Dual USB OutputsUp to 2.6A @ 5V USB device charging. Supports QuickCharge QC3.0, QC2.0, BC1.2, Apple, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge Protocol (AFC) and Huawei Fast Charging Protocol (FCP)
Operating Temperature14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)
Exterior Dimensions10.75 in. L x 8.9 in. W x 4.5 in. H (273 mm x 226 mm x 114 mm)
Weight8.0 lbs. (3.6 kg)
ChannelFequency (TX/RX)Quiet TonePowerNotes
Channel 1464.5500 MHz67.0 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-1
Channel 2467.9250 MHz67.0 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-2
Channel 3467.8500 MHz67.0 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-3
Channel 4467.8750 MHz67.0 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-4
Channel 5469.5125 MHz77.0 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-54
Channel 6466.3125 MHz110.9 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-45
Channel 7466.3375 MHz110.9 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-46
Channel 8466.3625 MHz110.9 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-47
Channel 9467.7875 MHz110.9 Tone1WBusiness Ch. CLS-48
Channel 10467.8375 MHz110.9 Tone4WBusiness Ch. CLS-49
Channel 11467.8625 MHz110.9 Tone4WBusiness Ch. CLS-50
Channel 12467.8875 MHz110.9 Tone4WBusiness Ch. CLS-51
Channel 13467.9125 MHz110.9 Tone4WBusiness Ch. CLS-52
Channel 14469.4875 MHz110.9 Tone4WBusiness Ch. CLS-53
Channel 15154.570 MHz88.5 Tone1WVHF Business Ch.
Channel 16154.600 MHz88.5 Tone1WVHF Business Ch.
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