Picture of Powerwerx PanelPole, Panel Mount Housing for Two Powerpole Connectors with a Weather Resistant Cover
Powerwerx PanelPole, Panel Mount Housing for Two Powerpole Connectors with a Weather Resistant Cover
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Powerwerx PanelPole, Panel Mount Housing for Two Powerpole Connectors with a Weather Resistant Cover

Easily add Powerpole outputs to your dashboard, go-box, panel or chassis. Weather resistant rubber cover protects & seals connectors when not in use. High output capacity of up to 45A on each Powerpole. Includes (4) 30A contacts. Fits 1-1/8" dia. hole. Read Full Description
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The only weather resistant panel mount housing for 15/30/45 amp Powerpole connectors. Fits any 1-1/8" diameter hole and secures via a rear threaded nut. Easy add high power (up to dual 45A) outputs on your dashboard, go-box, panel or chassis.

High Output Panel Mount

Includes (2) Anderson Powerpole connectors, each rated up to 45 amps continuous operation.

Weather Resistant Cover

Optional weather resistant rubber cover seals Powerpole connections when not in use.

Anderson Powerpole Connectors

Compatible and designed to work with your favorite Anderson Powerpole 15, 30 & 45 amp connectors.

Standard Mounting Hole

1 1/8" standard panel mounting hole compatible. Ideal for go-box, dashboard or chassis mounting.

Tech Specs

ConnectionsSupplied with (2) Red/Black Powerpole Connectors. Customer may purchase alternate colored housings and change colors as needed.
CompatibilityMates with all 15, 30 & 45 amp Powerpole connectors
Maximum Voltage58VDC
Maximum AmperageUp to 45A each Powerpole (continuous)
Mountable1-1/8" diameter standard panel mounting hole.
Rear Housing Depth7/8" (not including wiring)
IncludesIncludes (2) Powerpole Red/Black housings, (4) 30A Powerpole Contacts, (1) Retaining Pin (pre-installed), (1) Rubber Weather Resistant Cover, (1) Threaded Locking Nut

Powerpole® is a registered trademark of Anderson Power Products, Inc.

Customer Reviews
Super handy port By
I installed this on my own plastic ammo box (same type PowerWerx uses for theirs, easy & cheap if you want to build your own battery box) and use it for both power & charging (using a Schumacher 8A charger w/ alligator clips chopped off and a powerpole connector spliced on instead).  It was easy to install and works great.

It would be nice if Powerwerx carried a small concentrator board that is the same width as this so you can attach one circuit and split it across the two powerpole connectors in this housing.  I had to use some beefy wirenuts to combine a single 10ga input wire pair into 2 pairs for this housing (and in retrospect, 10ga was overkill).
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I love the ability to have a quick connect for high current, small space. But some caveats. By
These work great for my application but I would like to be able to get the panel unpopulated. I have several different voltages coming from a power module, only one is 5 VDC (Red/Black). I would like to have the option to build my own with whatever colors I desire instead of having to disassemble  this one and put the colors I want in it. Just my opinion. I highly recommend the Powerwerx line.
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External connection By
Mounted on a van, it will used to connect one or two portable solar panels to the battery system. While the jury is out to see just how "water resistant" it will be, it does fit perfectly in a 1-1/8" hole.
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Nice Connection By
Made a small portable solar system using a plastic ammo box with this mounted on the box. Works perfect. Nice clean look.
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Powerpole Product of the Year By
Finally--the ability to mount Powerpoles into a ROUND knockout. About the only negative thing I can say is that it fits a 1-3/16" hole. That's not exactly a common punch size. And while they would have been hard-pressed to make it smaller, they could have made it fit a more common 1-1/4" hole. But I'm still giving this five stars because it's a game-changer for integrating Powerpoles into… everything.
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