Picture of Powerwerx PanelPodSBDual for Anderson SB50 Series Connectors
Powerwerx PanelPodSBDual for Anderson SB50 Series Connectors
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Powerwerx PanelPodSBDual for Anderson SB50 Series Connectors

Anderson Power SB50 Series Panel Pod mount for easy mounting under dashboards and other flat surfaces. Ideal for fixed mounted application for Anderson Power SB50 series connectors. Includes (2) Gray SB50 housing, (4) #8 gauge contacts, mounting pod and (4) SB50 mounting bolts. Read Full Description
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SKU: PanelPodSBDual
GTIN: 840128919941
  • Compatibility: Mounting Pod designed for (2) Anderson Power SB50 Series connector
  • Maximum Voltage 600V AC or DC (for SB50 connector)
  • Maximum Amperage Up to 120A maximum, 50A continuous (for each SB50 connector)
  • Pod Dimesnsions (W x H x D): 4.07 x 1.37 x 3.3 in (103.4 x 34.8 x 83.9 mm)
  • Includes: (1) Black plastic Mounting Pod, (2) Anderson SB50 Gray Housing, (4) #8 gauge contacts and (4) SB50 mounting bolts.
  • Customers may purchase alternate colored SB50 housings and change connector colors as well as different contacts sizes as needed.
  • Optional: PLUG-SB50 Rigid Protective Plug/Cover with Lanyard.
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