Picture of Powerwerx Panel Mount Red Switch for 12V Systems
Powerwerx Panel Mount Red Switch for 12V Systems
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Powerwerx Panel Mount Red Switch for 12V Systems

Easy to install backlit panel mount On/Off DC power switch. Available in red, green and blue colors. Rated at 15A @ 12VDC. Includes optional water resistant cover. Rear mounted F2 faston blade type connections. Fits standard 1-1/8" diameter hole. Read Full Description
Availability: Out of stock
SKU: PanelSW-Red
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Switches illuminates in the ON position. Rated at 15A @ 12VDC continuous. DC power input via (3) rear mounted F2 faston tab (blade type) connections.

Switch separates from panel housing and can be mounted separately or together. Fits Powerwerx optional PanelPod1, PanelPod2, PanelPod3 housings, Two, Three or Four Hole Panel Mounting Plates or standard 1-1/8" diameter hole.

Includes lighted switch, panel mount switch housing, rear threaded nut, waterproof switch cover (optional) and (3) blade type connectors. For permanent installations we recommend applying glue from the back to hold the switch in place.

Current Draw: 15mA

Customer Reviews
Needs better tolerance By
The switch is okay. The light insert is too loose and the housing is just way too long in length.  I had to tape things down in order to be able to deal with it during wiring, and I placed a layer of electrical rape around the switch to make it fit more tightly in the housing. Needs to be redesigned.
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Almost Great, but Flawed By
I built a portable 12V power box and used a pile of great stuff from Powerwerx to do it. This is the only item I was less than thrilled with.

The switch functions as it should; It lights up, it turns things off and on, and what more could you want from a lighted switch? It fits in the "standard" hole like all the other round panel-mounted doodads here on Powerwerx, but what may not be obvious based on the pictures is the fact that the switch itself sits within a tube, and the tube is what fits in the standard hole. The switch is not well secured in the tube, and as a result, even the stiffness of an attached wire might pop the switch right out of its tube.

Additionally, the contacts on the back of the switch are deep within the tube, and are smaller than the connections on all the other Powerwerks items.

Thanks to these limitations, the switch never stays oriented properly, and since it's rated for 15A, I used some heavier wire which means heavier connectors, and they just don't stay connected. I'll probably end up soldering the wires on, which will also be a pain because the connectors are so small, but soldering will really be the only solution since I'll probably have to glue the switch into its tube to keep it from spinning, after which I'll never be able to see the connectors again (they'll be deep within the tube).

With bigger terminals and a more secure mounting option, this would be a slam-dumk 5/5.
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