Picture of Powerwerx MPPT-300-14.6, DC-to-DC Solar Charger Controller for Bioenno 12V LiFePO4 Batteries
Powerwerx MPPT-300-14.6, DC-to-DC Solar Charger Controller for Bioenno 12V LiFePO4 Batteries
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Powerwerx MPPT-300-14.6, DC-to-DC Solar Charger Controller for Bioenno 12V LiFePO4 Batteries

Rated at 300 watts, the MPPT-300-14.6 solar controller is designed for charging Bioenno 12V type LifePO4 batteries. Input DC range from 20-50 VDC. Output is a constant 14.6 VDC. Rated at 24 Amps maximum. Smart charge controller design will automatically adjust charging output as required by batteries, no user adjustment needed. Read Full Description
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SKU: MPPT-300-14.6
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Powerwerx MPPT-300-14.6 is a MPPT (maximum power point tracking) controller is a DC to DC solar converter. This unit is rated at 300 watts and converts higher solar panel voltages down to 14.6 VDC which is more suitable for charging LifePO4 type batteries. The solar input is pre-wired with MC4 style connectors. The output comes pre-wired with the popular Anderson Powerpole 30A connector.


  • Controller Technology: MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Technology
  • Input Voltage: 20-50 VDC
  • Output Voltage: 14.6 VDC
  • Input Connector Type: MC4
  • Output Connector Type: Anderson Powerpole 30A
  • Maximum Power: 300 Watts
  • Maximum Current: 24 Amps
  • Battery Type: Bioenno LiFePO4 or equivalent
  • System Type: 12 VDC (DC to DC converter)
  • Controls: Automatic (no user adjustments required)
  • Conversion Efficiency: 95%
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Short Circuit Protection: Yes
  • Over Temperature Protection: Yes
  • Case: Die cast aluminum design allows for efficient heat dissipation
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 2.9 in. x 2.9 in. x 1.3 in. (74 mm x 74 mm x 32 mm)
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs. (300 g)
  • Warranty: 1 Year

NOTE: This solar controller is intended for used with Bioenno LiFePO4 or equivalent batteries. This controller should not be used with Flooded, AGM or GEL type batteries as it will overcharge them.

Customer Reviews
Excellent MPPT controler. By
6 days ago we had a hurricane pass over my home of Barbados with Cat 1 winds.  All power has been disrupted since then, I've been using it with a Bioanno 70amp battery for Amateur Radio plus powering my C-pap machine.  At 80% depletion of the battery, using a 305watt solar panel it's taking about 4.5 hours to complete charging.  I wouldn't have got by with out this set up.  8P6RC
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300 Watt MPPT Charge Controller By
I bought two of these.  Bench tested with 40VDC 30A source.  Both showed 14.65  VDC out no load.  Loaded to 15A out, voltage at device's Anderson Connector pins showed 14.64VDC.  Loaded to 20.5A out, voltage showed 14.41VDC (295 watts).  Loaded to 21.5A, voltage showed 13.6VDC (a full volt under OCV).  Don't draw more than 20A or the output voltage falls off fast.  The label on the device says 24 Amps, ignore it.  Ran at 20.5A 14.41V for 30 minutes and output was stable.  Unit heats up and output wires (16AWG) heat (warm to touch) but it performed well.  Scope showed clean DC output.  Keep it within 300 watts and preferably where airflow can cool it.   Mounting it to a metal plate will also draw heat away.  This unit works well and is very reasonably priced.
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