Picture of Powerwerx MEGAbox Portable Power Box for 30-70Ah Bioenno Batteries
Powerwerx MEGAbox Portable Power Box for 30-70Ah Bioenno Batteries
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Powerwerx MEGAbox Portable Power Box for 30-70Ah Bioenno Batteries

MEGA Power Box is ideal for charging smartphones, tablets, radios and operating DC powered electronics. Great for Off-Grid applications and portable emergency back-up power. includes built-in LED lights. Proudly made in the USA. Read Full Description
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  • Charging smartphones, tablets, radios and computers
  • Powering two-way radios and DC powered electronics
  • Emergency and Off Grid portable power
  • Portable power for telescope accessories


  • Bright safety orange colored box
  • Built-in LED worklight and emergency strobe with user selectable flash patterns

DC Power up to 40 amps total

  • Main on/off 15A backlit circuit breaker switch to turn your devices on/off and stop parasitic loads:
  • (1) USB type-C fast charging port
  • (3) Fast USB charging ports with cover (5V @ 2.4A per port)
  • Battery status blue digital volt meter
  • (1) Automotive 12V socket with cover (15A maximum)

High current DC outputs (non-switched):

  • (4) Anderson Powerpole connectors with cover
  • Heavy duty M6 binding posts accepts 1/4" ring terminals, banana plugs or bare wire
  • Battery is protected with an inline 40A ATO blade fuse


  • Available Bioenno LiFePO4 Battery Options: BLF-1270A (70Ah), BLF-1260 (60Ah), BLF-1250A (50Ah), BLF-1240A (40Ah), BLF-1230A (30Ah)
  • Battery Connection: SB50 Gray Anderson Powerpole Connector and (with 40A inline fuse)
  • Maximum Peak Discharge: 40 Amps
  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 12VDC
  • Exterior Dimensions (including binding posts): 9.75 in. H x 9.125 in. W x 15.125 in. L (247.7 mm x 237.8 mm x 384.2 mm)
  • Maximum Interior Dimensions: 6.5 in. H x 6.375 in. W x 11.5 in. L (165.1 mm x 161.9 mm x 292.1 mm). Additional height and length are available in limited areas due to the shape of the lid and wire harnesses, up to 7.5 in. H (190.5 mm) and up to 12.5 in. L (317.5 mm).
Customer Reviews
Very well thought out By
I purchased the original power box which is great, but i wanted to have a box with more battery storage inside for longer operation and heavier duty cycle (think field day) so I began to plan out my build on what was probably going to house a 60-80ah Bioenno.  Ibwas getting close to ordering the parts for my build (most from Powerwerx) when suddenly Powerwerx releases the Mega Box.  Your timing was perfect for me.  This is such a well thought out box and the USB type C port is a great touch.  I don't believe I could have saved much money building my own to this level.  Fits the 70ah Bioenno perfectly with room to store the AC charger, inline watt meter, and some various USB cables.  It serves as radio station power fit for field day (with solar panels feeding it 10 amps during the day), and with 600 watt Samlex inverter serves as a backup solar generator for power outages, camping, etc.  Great box, I feel lucky to have one!
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