Lite Flare is a compact electronic LED signaling device

A practical alternative to the incendiary flare. This durable product is highly visible, making it ideal for accident scenes, emergencies, or other traffic control situations. Flashes for 400 hours replacing 700 incendiary flares. Read Full Description

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LiteFlare is the first flare replacement designed for real life. It fits easily into your emergency or utility vehicle—even a motorcycle. It fits the tough roadway environment–you can drive right over it. And it fits your budget. This workhorse product flashes for 400 hours without a battery change–replacing 700 incendiary flares. You've singed your last uniform and suffered your last burn. LiteFlare has made incendiary flares obsolete.

Safer and more cost efficient than incendiary flares, LiteFlare is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it's used every night or kept in a glove box for an emergency, you can depend on LiteFlare's high visibility and long lasting batteries to keep you safe.

LiteFlare eliminates the fire and environmental hazards of incendiary flares. No fumes. No burns. And no risk of igniting spilled fuel or roadside brush.

  • Safer to use and transport
  • Eliminates dangerous percholate residue


Drivers can see LiteFlare's super-bright LED lights from more than a mile away. Available in both red and yellow, it's ideal for all night time traffic activities.

  • Blinking light commands driver's attention


Lasting over 400 hours on two replaceable AA batteries, LiteFlare makes it easy to maintain traffic control lines. Gone are the days of daisy-chaining.

  • No recharging unit needed
  • Use all night, every night for a month without changing batteries


This palm-sized product stores easily anywhere. Multi-pack units fit handily into motorcycle storage compartments, safety boxes, or trunks.

  • Easy to carry everywhere
  • Lightweight


Each LiteFlare pays for itself in a matter of days, replacing 700 incendiary flares without a battery change.

  • Reduces your flare/signal device expenditures
  • No capital investment needed


Made for real world traffic situations, the LiteFlare stands up to repeated drive overs.

  • Withstands the weight of a Boeing 747
  • Molded plastic case resists snow, water, and fuel spills
Customer Reviews
Awesome Product By
Works very well.....and simple.
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Excellent Product By
I have been using Lite Flares in law enforcement for nearly 15 years. I first purchased them when working for an agency with lots of forested areas. It was an excellent option to keep from starting a forest fire and there were no more flare holes in uniforms. They take a beating and continue to work. They are great for marking pedestrian crossings at special events and, when used with traffic cones, for routing traffic from two lanes to one. I have even purchased a set for each of my personal vehicles.
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Night racing By
WE used these last night to mark the high way crossing at a night race held in Baja Mexico.  They were run over many times and are still like new.  I am buying more today.
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After picking up a set for myself, now all the guys on our CERT team are ordering!  Surprising just how bright the LED,s are at night.  We're no Consumer Reports but we laid out on our street after dark and all of use were surprised just how effective these work.  Can't beat the convenience as I've now tossed all the old dirty flares.  Wife and daughter compelled me to order for their cars.

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