Picture of HF 6 pin Power connector for HF Power cords
HF 6 pin Power connector for HF Power cords
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HF 6 pin Power connector for HF Power cords

Original "factory" type Male connector for HF radio that require 6 pin power connector. Plug utilizes 4 female contacts. Power source side connector. Mates with the HF6SOC connector.
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Customer Reviews
Need Ability To Purchase Extra Pins By
Kenwood power supplies use all 6 pin connections.  I had to order two units to get the six pins necessary to finish the project.  Need the ability to purchase extra pins.
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Needs more Pins By
This is good quality, but if you screw up a pin, you are done.  This needs to come with a minimum of 6 pins, AND you should be able to order pins for it!
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Just the part I needed, could have used a few spare contacts By
This is the right part for HF radios that use the 6 pin connector.  I've found similar molex sockets at electronics stores, which appeared to be the same, but won't actually fit due to slightly different shapes, and the contacts are slightly  larger, so they don't make consistent contact.

My one quibble is that this only comes with 4 crimp-on contacts, so there's zero room for errors.  Since I'm not a professional at this, I messed up my first two crip attempts.  So now I need to go out and buy another one just to get two more contacts. Would have been wonderful if it came with a few extra contacts.
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these are the correct size pins By
I learned the hard way. the connector I bought for a little less money from China on eBay looked very similar and it did fit, but the pins were too large and did not make proper connection to my Kenwood TS440.  this connector comes with the correct size pins and worked fine.
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