Anytone AT-D878UV DMR Firmware Update

What's new in version 3.03?

  • Improve the scan speed, ignore some burst signal.
  • Modify the SMS to support the Text Capture on BM.
  • Modify the CPS to prohibit the CPS read the AES / ARC4 encryption from the radio, and prohibit the CPS read the AES / ARC4 encryption from the codeplug.
    To avoid the mistake, we suggest you do the process as below.
    1. Save the codeplug in 3.02 CPS in .rdt file.
    2. Do the firmware upgrade on the radio, and after firmware upgrade, the reset is a must.
    3. Run the 3.03 CPS and open the saved .rdt file, the AES keys only display xxxx now, but it still works
    when write the code plug into radio. To be safe, engineer suggests you re-input the AES keys in the CPS before loading to radio, then it must work.
  • CPS->Optional setting->Key function, add the "dim shut" function which allow set a key to shut off the radio backlight and LED completely.
  • Modify the firmware to make the AES encryption have a variable Vector(IV) instead of fixed "12345678".

What's new in version 3.02?

  • CPS -> Digital -> ARC4 encryption, add the ARC4 encryption which is compatible with Motorola radio.
  • When use AES/ARC4 encryption with 878, it is better to turn off the sub band to increase the percentage of successful.
  • CPS -> Optional Setting -> Digital -> Voice Header Repetitions, allows you set the voice header transmit times to sync the receive radio, it will improve the communication success rate with RX radio.
  • CPS -> Optional Setting -> Digital -> TX preamble to define the preamble time of the data transfer function (not needed for audio calls), and improve synchronization
  • SMS confirmation mode improvements with better compatibility with other devices
  • Call Alert fully compliant with ETSI recommendation

What's new in version 3.01?

  • Channel -> Analog -> 5Tone ID, make the decode standard in current channel to be same as the 5Tone ID encode standard.
  • AES256 encryption code only allows to write into radio, not allow to read from the radio.
  • RX Group List (CPS->Settings > Chan Set > Rx Group List), add "none" selection
  • Introduce the choice of selecting On line alert also to each Talk Group (one by one), so that every time any contact talks using that specific Talk Group, you will hear a beep at the beginning of speaking, regardless of the contact.
  • Introduce a Global parameters for setting when the Idle state of digital channel will be played:
    0 -> Beep off
    1 -> Beep on led transition from blue to off (end of slot digital communication)
    2 -> Beep on led transtion from green to off
    3 -> Beep on led transition from blue or green to off.

Do I need to update my firmware?
Anytone radios generally ship with the latest firmware version installed. You can determine your current AT-D878UV firmware version by pressing the softkey on your radio under the menu icon, then selecting Settings then Device Info and then scroll down to Firmware Ver. If the version displayed is less than 3.03, please continue with the firmware update instructions below.

Backup your current codeplug
Updating the firmware on your Anytone AT-D878UV will erase your radio's current programming. To create a backup using the programming software, read from your radio and then save this file to your desktop or temporary folder.

Updating firmware and/or baseband

  • Download the Anytone AT-D878UV Firmware v3.03.
  • Extract the files located in this zip file to your desktop or a temporary folder.
  • Locate the AnyTone Radio Update Instructions PDF file and follow the detailed update instructions.