Anytone AT-D868UV DMR Firmware Update

What's new in version 2.33 and 2.32?

  • Resolved the issue that Last heard after 'all call' group call (TG 16777215) is displayed as TG 20503.
  • Stop the time separator (colon symbol) from flashing on the time of day clock, to avoid clicking sounds to be induced on weak received VHF signals
  • Change the Knob Lock to lock only knobs, no longer lock the up/down key when set up with Knob Lock.
  • Resolve the issue that DMR APRS can not work with Motorola repeater.
  • Add support of character Ø in the display font in main channel. A Zero is displayed as "Ø".
  • In radio menu, Talk Group -> TG List -> Select-> Select Contact, allow you assign a new TG for current channel, it is extremely useful when you create a new channel. How to create a new channel:Hold pressing MENU key, until the LCD display “Next Please Press Dial Key”, press P1 key, the radio will enter into new channel setup.
  • Resolved the time error problem in the Call Log > Last Call > Last Call List.
  • Speed up the zone switch by up and down key.
  • CPS -> Optional Setting -> Display -> CH Switching Keeps Last Caller, allow to keep Last Heard display when switch to other channel.
  • Add DMR APRS Location reporting option in CPS, please refer to the APRS setup codeplug.

What's new in version 2.31?

  • In CPS -> Optional Setting -> Power-on, add the Default Startup Channel and zone, it will allow you choose a startup channel, every time when you power on the radio, you will be at the start up channel
  • Menu -> Settings -> Chan Set, add Select Contact, allow to choose a Contact and save the changes to channel
  • Allow create a new channel on radio or delete an existing channel. Operation as below:
    Create a new channel: Hold pressing MENU key, until the LCD display “Next Please Press Dial Key”, press P1 key, the radio will enter new channel setup.
    Delete an existing channel: Turn to the channel firstly, hold pressing MENU key, until the LCD display "Next Please Press Dial Key", press P2 key, the radio will allow deleting the channel.
  • Resolved issue when auto repeater is on, it turns off after power cycle
  • Resolved issue of using PF2 long press for scan
  • Resolved issue when in repeater mode, sometimes no RSSI and green light when release PTT
  • Added slot switch in key function
  • Added auto repeater range
  • Separate auto repeater setup for A and B channel
  • In radio Main Menu -> Call Log -> [4] Last Call, added 30 last call list
  • In CPS -> Digital -> Friends List, change the Repeater number to be Call Sign, also change the search to ignore case

What's new in version 2.29?

  • Display Last Heard when radio is transmitting
  • Last Heard when change the channel
  • Allow to apply Ranging function in a Private Call Channel
  • Correct the direction of ranging function
  • Add options for keypad lock
  • Increase the 5 Tone set ID to 7 digits
  • In friends list, add the search by Repeater Number (Call Sign)
  • Improve the PTT response speed when connect to Repeater

What's new in version 2.27?

  • Add Ranging Function
  • Add Friends List
  • Add Current Contact Display

Do I need to update my firmware?
Anytone radios generally ship with the latest firmware version installed. You can determine your current AT-D868UV firmware version by pressing the softkey on your radio under the menu icon, then selecting Settings then Device Info and then scroll down to Firmware Ver. If the version displayed is less than 2.33, please continue with the firmware update instructions below.

Backup your current codeplug
Updating the firmware on your Anytone AT-D868UV will erase your radio's current programming. To create a backup using the programming software, read from your radio and then save this file to your desktop or temporary folder.

Firmware update procedure

  • Install the updated Anytone AT-D868UV Programming Software v1.33 if you have not already done so
  • Install the Anytone AT-D868UV USB cable driver if you have not already done so. Select x86 for 32-bit systems, select x64 for 64-bit systems.
  • Download the Anytone AT-D868UV Firmware v2.33. Extract the files located in this zip file to your desktop or a temporary folder.
  • Run the QX Code Pro Update program extracted from the firmware zip file. We suggest you check the option to create a desktop shortcut link.
  • To prepare your radio for the new firmware, first, turn the radio off. Hold down the PTT and alarm key (top orange button) and at the same time, turn the radio on. The red LED should blink and you may release all buttons.
  • Connect the Anytone USB programming cable to both your radio and computer
  • Run the previously installed QX Code Pro Update program from the desktop shortcut
  • Click Open Update File. Navigate to your extracted firmware zip temporary folder and locate the file 868UV_1G_V2.33.spi.
  • Select your com port
  • Click Write to begin installing the latest firmware
  • Important: After the firmware is written successfully, you will need to initialize the radio.
  • Turn the radio off
  • Hold down the PTT and PF1 button and at the same time, turn the radio on.
  • The radio will display the message "Are you sure you want to Initialize radio?". Select Confirm (the green bar key). Please wait.
  • After the radio restarts, you will have the option to set the date and time. You may optionally set the date using the Up, Down and P1 keys. When GPS is enabled, it will display the correct time and date automatically.