Recommended Wire Gauge Calculator Disclaimer

All electrical systems present a risk of fire and other hazards. Powerwerx makes no representation or warranty that this calculator will be suitable to address your particular situation or requirements.

Powerwerx has developed this calculator for use only by individuals having the appropriate working knowledge and understanding of electrical systems. This tool is a prototype, and may contain errors of entry or calculation.

This calculator does not account for all possible variables and factors relevant to the selection of wire size and circuit protection. Such variables may include overloads (such as changing the size of light bulbs or adding additional loads to circuits), wiring errors (such as loose connections or poor crimps), heated terminations (such as motor terminals, heating appliances, or lighting fixtures), data input errors, unusual environmental heat sources, and inadequate or defective wire insulation, software defects, and/or malfunctions of a browser or server computer.

This calculator is not a substitute for the expertise of an electrical professional. Under no circumstances should this calculator be used as the sole basis for selecting wire size or circuit protection. Any wire size or circuit protection tentatively selected with this tool should be reviewed for adequacy, before installation, by a professional applying the applicable industry standards.

Powerwerx expressly disclaims responsibility for any use of this calculator that results in inadequate wire size or circuit protection.