Picture of Egis Mobile Electric 901488 Power Relay, 12VDC, SPST, 75A, Dual Contact
Egis Mobile Electric 901488 Power Relay, 12VDC, SPST, 75A, Dual Contact
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Egis Mobile Electric 901488 Power Relay, 12VDC, SPST, 75A, Dual Contact

12V 75A automotive grade relay that is IP54 rated. Features an intermittent amperage rating of 150A for 3 seconds, ideal for high start up amp draw. 75A continuous with 100,000 electrical switching cycle capacity. Designed with bifurcated contacts ensuring long term reliability and increased operating efficiency. Read Full Description
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Bi-Furcated Contacts reduce contact bounce, increasing long term reliability. This enables the relay to conduct electrical switching more efficiently, reducing unnecessary heat build up and contact wear.

High Intermittent Amperage rating of 150 amps for up to 3 seconds making this relay great for temporary high equipment start up amp draw applications.

Offset Input/Output Terminals and integrated divider design help prevent accidental contact shorts

High Temperature Rating of 125C/257F makes this a great relay for high temperature installation environments like engine bays and other low ventilation spaces.

Bullet-proof Construction: Robust automotive grade relay with IP54 ingress protection and reinforced mounting tabs ensure secure mounting.

Dual Mounting Holes on either side for easy mounting with ¼-20”/M6 1.25 Bolts or screws up to #14 screw.

Incorporates The Highest Quality Materials for superior performance and has a high 100,000 electrical switching cycle capacity.

Enhanced Vibration and Shock Protection, ensures enhanced reliability and a long service life and maintains electrical system operational readiness.


Operating Voltage Range: 8.8 - 16 V DC

Intermittent Current (3 sec): 150 A

Ambient Temperature Rating: -58 to 257 °F (-50 to 125 °C)

Max Continuous Current (74 °F): 75 A 

Electrical Endurance Rating: 100,000 Cycles

Internal Contact Resistance (6 V DC): 50 mOhm


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