Picture of High Gain Dual-Band 2m/440 Handheld Standard SMA Antenna
High Gain Dual-Band 2m/440 Handheld Standard SMA Antenna
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High Gain Dual-Band 2m/440 Handheld Standard SMA Antenna

Increase your handheld's VHF/UHF performance with this high gain antenna. Super wide receive (88-900 MHz). 3 db gain (140-174), 5 db gain (420-500) over stock. 15" in length and rated at 10 watts max. Standard SMA fits KG-UV9D, KG-UV6X, KG-UV3X & DB-16X. Read Full Description
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Extends communication range for Search & Rescue and Amateur communications.

Customer Reviews
Best Antenna for Kenwood TH-K20A By
For several weeks I have been trying to transmit to join a ham radio group, but could not be heard at all with the Nagoya 771 antenna I was using, not even for relay. The repeater is 7 miles away. I read an article about my radio and how a user recommended this antenna for it. I decided to try it and was delighted to discover that it works so great! I was able to check in with my ham radio group and was heard the very first time. No need for any external antenna. I so love the sturdiness of the base of this antenna and its power. I highly recommend the Powerwerx High Gain Dual-Band 2m/440 Handheld Standard SMA antenna!
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love it BCD436HP By
bought for Uniden scanner BCD436HP, worked so well (better than my mag mount scanner antenna) so i bought the sma female version for my baofeng UV5R type Ham radios
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Great antenna By
I can get into repeaters from my front yard now without using an external antenna.
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Actually delivers! By
I own a Diamond SRH701 and the WXGAT-ST. The WXGAT-ST outperforms the SRH701 on my Yaesu FT3DR. I get more signal across all frequencies with the WXGAT-ST.
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Amazing By
Probably the best antenna on the market, I measured  an average of 1.25-1.75:1 at 440 & 462 and 1.75-2.0:1 at 140 & 155 on 4 of these out of the 5 I've bought so far!

I had one that was high, 3.5-4.5:1 I trimmed about 1.25" off and recapped it with gorilla glue and a screw cover from home depot, now it's averaging 1.1-1.25:1 at 440 & 462, and 1.5-1.75:1 at 140 & 155

Using these on the following radios; TYT MD2017, TYT MD680, TYT TH-UV8200, Radioddity GD-55+ and a simplex repeater via Retevis RT1.  I get anything from 2.5-7mi out of these in Western PA, which has both lots of hills/trees and urban obstructions.  Without these antennas, at best I was getting 1-3mi so I've gained more that double in most regards my ability to reach out.
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Amazing antenna By
Really powerful for the price. Recommended!
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This antenna is on my Wouxon KG-UV6X By
I am a licensed Ham and a member of the Civil Air Patrol. With this antenna I am able to reach Peavine repeater in North Reno NV.from Minden NV. Airport about 50 miles. I also get full quieting on the Sierra, DCART, and Tara Repeaters ranging 25 to 30 miles.  Using the CAP repeater in Narrow Band below ham freq. It performs very well.  Recommend this antenna for Wouxon, Baofeng radios.
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Great RX & TX improvement! By
This is an excellent antenna, and I immediately noticed better clarity in my reception. My friend said he can now hear me from across town so the transmission is stronger as well. This is an excellent improvement for your UV6X radio!
I have one for both of my radios!
The UV3D & the UV6X.
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