Picture of Powerwerx DCDC-8A 14.5V, 8A Adjustable DC-to-DC Battery Charger for 12V LiFePO4 Batteries
Powerwerx DCDC-8A 14.5V, 8A Adjustable DC-to-DC Battery Charger for 12V LiFePO4 Batteries
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Powerwerx DCDC-8A 14.5V, 8A Adjustable DC-to-DC Battery Charger for 12V LiFePO4 Batteries

This DC-to-DC charger is designed to fully charge your 12V LiFePO4 batteries from your vehicles 12V system. Providing up to 14.5VDC, with an adjustable 2A/4A/8A output (CC/CV charge profile for LiFePO4). Accepts 8-36VDC input from your vehicle's alternator, or other DC sources. Read Full Description
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The Powerwerx DCDC-8A is an adjustable DC-to-DC charger for charging 12V LiFePO4 batteries. This DC-to-DC charger is designed to use your vehicles 12V system to charge your 12V LFP batteries on the go. With a wide input voltage range of 8-36VDC, you can also use alternative power sources. The user selectable charging amperage allows you to charge batteries as small as 3Ah, and upwards of 70Ah or larger.

2-Stage Charging Profile:

The DCDC-8A uses a 2-stage constant current (CC) constant voltage (CV) charging profile. The LED indicator will be lit in Red when the charger is in Constant Current mode and will then change to Green when the charger has switched to Constant Voltage. The Green LED indicator will remain on after the charger has fully charged your battery. Applying loads to your battery while charging or fully charged will likely cause your charger to switch back to Constant Current to provide higher amperages to power your load.

User Selectable Charging Amperage:

This unit provides a user selectable 2A, 4A, or 8A charging current, and can be selected by using the selector dial. Below you will find suggested charging amperages based off of your batteries capacity.

  • 2A - For use with batteries 3Ah and larger
  • 4A - For use with batteries 10Ah and larger
  • 8A - For use with batteries 50Ah and larger

If charging speed is not a priority, then it is suggested to use a lower charging amperage to prolong the lifespan of your battery. This will help to slow down the natural degradation of the battery cells.

Wide Input Voltage Range:

With a wide input voltage range of 8-36VDC, this DC-to-DC charger can be powered by multiple sources. The DCDC-8A can easily be used with 12V and 24V vehicle installations for charging your 12V LFP batteries. The unit can also be powered by a desk top Power Supply such as the SS-30DV. It is not suggested that you power the charger direct from a solar panel and/or solar charge controller due to the variable power output.


The DCDC-8A uses Anderson 30A Powerpoles for quick and easy installation.

  1. Connect the "Input" Powerpole to your charging source. Charging sources can include your vehicles 12V or 24V charging system (Alternator), desktop power supplies, or any other DC power source that provides between 8-36VDC.
  2. Select the correct charging amperage (based off the battery size that you intend to charge).
  3. Connect the "Output" Powerpole direct to your 12V LiFePO4 battery.
  4. Turn on your charging source, and the DCDC-8A will automatically begin charging.

NOTE: The DCDC-8A is an air-cooled unit and can become quite hot while charging. This should be taken into consideration when choosing your designated installation area.


  • Input Voltage: 8-36 VDC
  • Output Voltage: 14.5 VDC
  • Input Connector Type: Anderson Powerpole 30A
  • Output Connector Type: Anderson Powerpole 30A
  • Maximum Power: 116 Watts
  • Output Current: 2A/4A/8A (user selectable)
  • Battery Type: Bioenno LiFePO4 or equivalent
  • System Type: 12 VDC (DC to DC converter)
  • Conversion Efficiency: 95%
  • IP Rating: IP68 (Waterproof sealed)
  • Overcurrent Protection: Yes
  • Over voltage protection: Yes
  • Output Short Circuit Protection: Yes
  • Over Temperature Protection: Yes
  • Dimensions: 5.4" x 3.0" x 1.2"
  • Weight: 1.15 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 Year

NOTE: This DC-to-DC charger is intended for use with Bioenno LiFePO4 or equivalent batteries. This charger should not be used with Flooded, AGM or GEL type batteries as it will overcharge them.

Customer Reviews
Missing input current specification By
The specifications are missing the INPUT CHARGING CURRENT.  This is a critical specification for proper sizing with the input power source.   Can you please add this information to the specifications?

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Works Great, very efficient! By
I was using a more expensive 10a/20a charger limited to 10a. The problem is that I'm using this to charge from a cigarette lighter, and the high current draw pulls down the voltage. The 10a/20a unit seemed like it would start trying to upconvert the low voltage to 14.4v and THEN current limit thus drawing more current. This unit seems to only try to upconvert to the level it requires to get the current desired, so e.g. when my source dropped to ~11v and the charger was at 13.55v, I was only drawing about 10a from the source. The other charger at 10a would be all over the place and blow 15a fuses every time. This puts me at a much more comfortable level without pushing the limits of the car's electrical system too hard.
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Very nice little unit By
Tiny! VERY well built. Packs a punch for it size. Wide input range. Supports wide range of battery capacity. Two stage charging. Selectable charge rates.

The only criticisms are no manual, online or off, and that maybe the label should brag that it's good for LiFePO4 batteries?
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Solidly built By
Compact and solidly built - inspires confidence.
Was badly wanting a device like this for charging LifePo4 in the field, and it delivers.
Easy to use - just connect and set the dial to 2a / 4a / 8a charging.

Made a slight high-pitched humming noise while charging, but I won't worry about it until after a burn-in period.  Have yet to check for corresponding RF hash.

Only complaint is that it doesn't really float the battery once fully charged.  It just toggles every few seconds between dumping full amps into the battery, and 0 amps.  However the light is green to let you know the charge cycle is "done."
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Great Product! By
Works great charging my 12V, 30Ah Bioenno Power battery.
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Solid and dependent By
I have two units that provide power for six bioeeno batteries, ranging from 9AH to 30AH. Its very well made, completely backfilled with resin, if you tried to disassemble it you'll find a solid block of resin filled inside an extruded aluminum case, when they say waterproof, they meant it.

The current regulation is on par, no VHF/UHF noise that I can discern, and doesn't get all that warm (4A rate anyway). Its given me flexibility in charging bioeenos in the field, and because of the wide inputs I've been using them to drain off lead acid batteries that's about to go in for recycling.

They work well, and also good for load sharing. Its a DC-DC converter, not really a battery charger. It does not sense the battery and therefore aren't discriminating. It simply provided CC until it hits 14.5V and then it stays CV at 14.5V. I can throw a static load on it, say a 4A resistive load, and it'll charge the battery while powering the load with the remaining amperage available. This is very useful in an automotive install, where I can hide an auxiliary battery under the seats with the radio, and have the battery charging as I'm driving and running the radio on it simultaneously. The accessory socket on my vehicle is rated for 180W, it runs off of that just fine.

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