Picture of DC Line Noise Filter (20 Amps max) with Powerpole connectors
DC Line Noise Filter (20 Amps max) with Powerpole connectors
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DC Line Noise Filter (20 Amps max) with Powerpole connectors

DC Noise Filter (Commercial Grade) reduces alternator whine in transmit and receive operation in many 2-way radios. The current capacity is 20 Amps maximum and 16 amps continuous service. Includes Red/Black Powerpole connectors with 30 Amp contacts.
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Customer Reviews
It works. By
I took a 10 hour drive last month and listened to my FT-817 most of the way on 20 meters, making for a 20 hour round trip of great CW and horrific alternator hum. I was driving a pick-up truck and running off a separate battery, not the 12 volt auxillary for the vehicle. My LF-1-PP arrived today: I plugged it into the power supply and the alternator noise vanished completely. Stop saying to yourself, "It's not so bad..." For $30 you can make the buzzing stop for good.
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Perfect By
I installed a Yaseau FT-1900R in my 2012 Jeep only to find I had a pretty bad alternator whine that became louder as I revved the engine but was perfectly quite when the engine was off. I purchased the filter from the Phoenix HRO and immediately installed it thinking it would make it a little better. There is not any alternator whine what so ever now. Great product.
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