Picture of DC Line Noise Filter (20 Amps max) with OEM-T in-line connectors
DC Line Noise Filter (20 Amps max) with OEM-T in-line connectors
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DC Line Noise Filter (20 Amps max) with OEM-T in-line connectors

DC Noise Filter (Commercial Grade) reduces alternator whine in transmit and receive operation in many 2-way radios. The current capacity is 20 Amps maximum and 16 amps continuous service. This cable includes OEM-T in-line connectors. Read Full Description
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The LF-1-OEM DC Line Filter is designed for mobile transceivers for the purpose of suppressing DC power line noise from the alternator.


  • Install the LF-1-OEM between the battery and transceiver, as close to the transceiver as possible.
  • In mobile installations, secure the LF-1-OEM and avoid placing strain on the end of the connector.


  • Current Capacity: 20A (Maximum), 16A (Continuous)
  • Connections: OEM-T in-line connectors
Customer Reviews
Powerwerx works By
For me, this was as simple as plugging it in.  I had a two-meter ham radio in my truck that I replaced with a CB radio after letting my ham license expire.  Of course, the CB radio picked up the whine from the alternator.  It wasn't bad or even that loud, but it was loud enough to become annoying.  After plugging this in, that went away.  I knew that I would need to have some type of power line filter and that I could make it myself.  However, after feeling a little lazy, I decided to go with a premade one that I knew was good quality from Powerwerx.  Because well...Powerwerx
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no improvement By
Plugged it in, started my truck and absolutely no improvement...very disappointed.  I'm  a ham radio and the whirring was very minor.  I assumed this would cure my issue but it had no affect.
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Great product! By
I hooked up the Powerwerx Noise Filter to my Icom 7000 as per your instructions, put it in my Ford F-250, with an LDG IT-100 AT as well, and the engine/ignition noise went from EXTREMELY LOUD to ZERO NOISE! Amazing!
Great product!
Tnx for your help.
Doug. N4CQD
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worked like a charm. By
Spent hours trying to eliminate Fuel pump or alternator whine that increased with rev. Toyota FJ Cruiser with 2 meter Yaesu FT-1900R. Very meticulous wiring job. This little jewel took care of it.
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Darn thing works! By
Hooked it up, made signal check and report was loud and clear no engine whine.
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Very good By
Have a yaesu 1900R in the car and it was emmiting a turbo like noise out of the speaker full time varying with speed. This completely cured that.
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Works great! By
Appears to be very well built,and eliminated the small amount of alternator whine on my 440 rig completely:)
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It worked! By
My new ICOM dual bander was picking up alternator whine. I have it connected via the cig plug in my pathfinder. It is a temp installation with a rack mount antenna.

Bought the DC line filter with OEM connectors.
Installed it in line and the whine is gone.

Plug n play, that's what I am talking about.
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Effective filter on the B+ line By
I installed an ICOM IC-207H in my passenger vehicle with the transceiver in the trunk and the control unit above the rear-view mirror.

Despite carefully grounding of the transceiver, some alternator whine noise was present in both Rx and Tx. With an isolated battery, I conducted some tests and found that neither the antenna nor the ground was picking up the whine. It was the B+ line.
After reading the reviews here, I decided to purchase this filter and it arrived today. First, the OEM-T connector is a beautiy for easy in-line installation. Second, the whine noise has been eliminated. Now, I can be proud of the quality of my Tx and it is a pleasure again to listen to the Rx.

Thank you for the great product!
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Keep your whine for cheese and crackers By
Cas Grys, KF6CUE Winnetka, CA

I installed one in my 1994 Ford F-150, which had a noticeable fuel pump whine when using my Yaesu FT-8100R in the simplex mode.

To test this transmit on simplex with the ignition off, then while holding the PTT down, turn the ignition to the ‘On’ position so only the fuel pump is activated. This will only be a short time because you are pressurizing the system and then the pump shuts off. The person listening will hear the brief whine. When you are driving the fuel pump is working all the time to maintain regulated pressure to your fuel injectors. That is probably the whine most folks hear on your signal, power windows and other accessories may do the same thing but the pump/pumps are on, your alternator is on and off.

This is a worthwhile investment for anyone, I even installed one in my wife’s’ Honda Odyssey, though we never checked her signal for whine.

Be advised:
This filter will remove the electrical whine, but not the whine going into the microphone.

Thank you Powerwerx,
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My Whining Yeasu FT-8100R By
I have a 2004 Toyota Solara. I use a Yaesu FT-100D and a Yaesu FT-8100R for my setup. Both units are mounted in the trunk and the head units are mounted in the front on a custom made panel that matches the dash board. Because I use the FT-100D for HF , I wanted to have UHF/VHF so I can listen local. I already use the DC Line Filter on my FT-100D by Powerwerx and it performs flawlessly , I mean NO NOISE at all from the internal electronics in my car. Wee to my surprise when I installed the Yeasu FT-8100R and turned it on the first time , the noise from my alternator was so bad , the receive sounded distorted. I ordered the Powerwerx Filter with the OEM connectors installed , got it in three days , put it in line with the FT-8100R and now have NO noise at all. Two perfect sounding mobiles in one car thanks to Powerwerx.   N4ATS
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