Picture of Temperature Probe for CBA (Computerized Battery Analyzer)
Temperature Probe for CBA (Computerized Battery Analyzer)
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Temperature Probe for CBA (Computerized Battery Analyzer)

CBA Magnetic Temperature Probe accessory for CBA (Computerized Battery Analyzer). Required for CBA to Measure Temperature. Read Full Description
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West Mountain Radio CBA Temperature Probes work with your Computerized Battery Analyzer (CBA) to limit how hot batteries may become while under test. Excessive temperature can alter battery chemistry and severely reduce capacity and life-cycle.

These temperature probes connect to the CBA and feed temperature data directly to the analyzer. The analyzer may then reduce the discharge current to prevent an over-temperature condition from occurring

For testing at high discharge rates, these temperature probes are must-have accessories!

To plot temperatures on the graphs, you need the Extended Software. This probe can be used with the standard software to stop a test when the battery gets too hot.

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