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CBA IV 4 Computerized Battery Analyzer

Scientifically Analyze Battery Performance. Test any type of battery. Test quickly at real world load conditions, 40 amps max. Results are graphically displayed with easy to use software. USB interface. Built-in safety features for battery protection.
Availability: Discontinued
Customer Reviews
Great tester By
I have used a CAB ll for at least 8 years starting on an old win 98 machine up to a Windows 7 machine. It has run hundreds of tests on lead acid,ni-cad, ni-metal hydride LI-ion from 1amp hour up to well over 100amp hour batteries.
It is a great device for RV owners and anybody who needs to know what their batteries can supply.
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Great Battery Tester By
There was only one other review for this product.  They listed the downside as the software not being compatible with a newer version of windows.  I have used mine on windows 8 and 10 without any issue.  They also provide an API for writing your own application if you desire.  Before you use this tester you will need to be familiar with the battery chemistry that you are testing.  Most of this is pretty easy to find online.  The software suggests the possible cells in series and cut off voltage based on the voltage reading from the battery.  I have seen that this is not quite correct, and the test cut off voltage is a little low for my taste, but you can change this when setting up the test.  The software will create a graph and summary of the test, and also allows for exporting the data into a csv file if you would like to analyze it further or use your own graphing package.  Other battery testers with this capability can get quite expensive.  I chose the CBA IV because it will allow me to test any battery chemestry.
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Great Product - If you don't mind planned obsolescence! By
I have the CBA II, and really enjoyed using it.  But as soon as a later version of Windows was released, it no longer worked with my upgraded PC.  When I contacted West Mountain, they said they didn't support Windows upgrades and I'd have to buy an entire new unit!  I wouldn't mind paying for software upgrades, but this is ridiculous!
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