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Blue Sea 1834 M2 DC OLED Multimeter

Accurately measures and monitors the voltage of two batteries and the current of one circuit. Easy to use with bright OLED display and built-in alarm functions. Input voltage 8-70V DC up to 500 amps. Read Full Description
Availability: Discontinued
SKU: 1834-BSS
GTIN: 632085018344
  • Auto-dimming, bright OLED Display
  • Easy to use, simple operation
  • 92dB Alarm functions (high current, high & low Voltage)
  • Meter functions: Voltage & Amps (current)
  • Input Voltage: 8-70V DC
  • Amps (current): 500 amps w/ included shunt (programmable shunt ratios)
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 1.00 Watt
  • Minimum Power Consumption: 0.3 Watt
  • Isolated MOSFET Relay
  • Meter Dimensions: 3.25"W x 3.25"H x 2.37"D
  • OLED Meter Display size: 2.17"W x 1.10"W
  • Warranty: 5 Years
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