Welcome to the Powerwerx Blog

Powerwerx was founded in 1999 to provide affordable DC power interconnect products. Today, Powerwerx is a leading manufacturer and distributor of DC power solutions and communications products. We continue to offer high quality, innovative products with exceptional customer service.

Why are we starting to blog? We think a blog is a great way to share answers to many of the questions we receive from our customers, describe how many of our products can work together as a system, and share ideas that save you time and money.

We plan on covering a wide variety of topics including vehicle installation tips, battery charging and backup systems, correct wire gauge selection, DC power distribution and much more!

We would love to hear your feedback about our blog. We encourage you to Contact Us with your ideas about what you would like to read about in future posts as well as participate in the comments section.

Please check back with us often for the latest DC power and communication information.

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