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Cigarette Lighter Socket with Internal 15A ATC Fuse and Bare end wires

Cigarette Lighter Socket with a molded internal 15 amp ATC fuse. The other end is bare wire.
Availability: Discontinued
GTIN: 840128904091
Customer Reviews
High Quality but long barrel interferes with shorter devices By
Pro: The quality as usual is very high

Con: The barrel is very long so the typically shorter, with "bulge out", power adapters (for phone charging and such) will not reliably make nor retain contact in the barrel.

Please replace this with a product with a shorter barrel that has been tested with the common "short barrel fat connector" cell phone type chargers and adapters.
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Pricey but worth it By
I'm a diehard tinkerer who likes to keep his projects as neat as possible. I never did like the look of a fuse holder that was soldered and wrapped up with heat shrink tubing. I was turned onto these when I bought a portable stereo years ago that used these. I was happy to find them online, not super happy with the price, but sometimes ya gotta pay for what you want,
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