Picture of Anytone BT-01 Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Mic for AT-D578UV Models with Bluetooth
Anytone BT-01 Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Mic for AT-D578UV Models with Bluetooth
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Anytone BT-01 Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Mic for AT-D578UV Models with Bluetooth

The Bluetooth mobile speaker mic acts like a wireless remote mount, giving you full control and functionality of your mobile radio in the palm of your hand. With a large 2.2 inch display, the Bluetooth mic has a larger display than the AT-D578UV series mobile. Built in front fire speaker for clear audio. Up to 30ft of Bluetooth range. Read Full Description
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SKU: BT-01
GTIN: 840128919996


  • Channel/Frequency Select
  • Zone Select
  • Volume Adjust
  • P1-P3 Programmable
  • Includes removeable microphone cable
  • Up to 12 hours of operation on a full charge
  • Charging status indicator

*Works with Anytone D578UV series mobile radios with Bluetooth function only*


Bluetooth Version: V4.2+EDR


Bluetooth Range: 30ft (10m)

Audio Speaker: 1W

LCD Screen: 2.2in

Charge Type: 5V USB Type-C

Battery Capacity: 1800mAh (3.7V)

Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.45 x 1.1 in (109 x 62 x 28 mm)

Operating Temperature Range: -4 to 131 °F (-20 to 55 °C)

Customer Reviews
Nice device By
I have it on Anytone 578uv plus.   The radio is mounted in the car.    I found that I could only reach around ten feet from the car out of the box.
Being a tech ham.   I could not live with that range.   After a couple of antenna adjustments...I now have a range of around seventy five feet from the car.    Much more useful.   Overall it works great!
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Good Accessory, with a caution. By
The good stuff: The AnyTone BT01 I purchased from Powerwerx is a well made unit. The buttons have a nice tactile response when you push them. The display looks great, and is almost twice the size of the display on the AT-D578 radio. Crisp colors, nice and bright. Feels good in the hand as well.

The bad stuff: I wouldn’t work out of the box with my 578 Plus. My radio has all the current firmware, but the BT01 needs to be updated. The catch is that this can only be done using an Android based phone or tablet! Can’t just do using a PC like everyone else does. Me, I only have Apple devices.

So, at this time, looks like I’ve bought a device I can’t use. I’ll have to see what I can do to locate an Android device to do this. From all I’ve read, it works wonderfully if one ca do the upgrade.
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works great By
I bought a 578 and BT-01 to use in my truck.  With modern trucks with center consoles, there's not a lot of room to mount a radio without a removable face plate.  I plan to mount the radio under my seat and use the BT-01 as a remote mic and display.  The BT-01 is light and has a great screen.  You can turn the radio off and on with the BT-01 and the 3 buttons can be configured for 9 options.  The menu is handy, you can switch zones and channels easily.  This is a great option for a vehicle.
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