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Anytone AT-D878UV Digital DMR Dual-band Handheld Commercial Radio with Roaming and GPS

VHF/UHF Dual-band Digital/Analog Part 90 DMR commercial transceiver with 1.77 inch color TFT display and GPS. New AT-D878 model includes DMR Roaming, faster processor and larger memory for future enhancements. Ideal for Fire, Search & Rescue, EMS, Police, Sheriff, Forestry and Security operations. Frequency coverage 140-174 / 400-480 MHz. Includes USB Programming cable. Read Full Description
Availability: Discontinued
GTIN: 840128905548
Customer Reviews
Date and Time Programming Errors... Date jumps around! 13th month! By
I noticed the date of the last call was listed as being in 2022. I tried to change the date, got as far as 30th day of 12th month in 2020. As soon as I increased the day to 31, the month jumped to 13 and the year to 2022! There is no way to set the date to 31-12-2020! Clearly there's a bug in the radio's firmware. If the date and time is set to GPS time, it's a guess as to what time it actually displays!

I wish the tuning dial could be used to scroll through the settings menus .
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Great Radio! By
I LOVE this radio!!! I do Search and Rescue and recently our agencies repeater wasn't able to work in an area we were operating. I was able to pull out my anytone and hit a repeater that allowed us to communicate with our base. Programming software works great with radio reference. I love the settings! I will always carry this radio over others as it is a lifesaver, especially with the GPS function. Our team didn't have the equipment to get good accurate coordinates and I was able to pull amazingly accurate coordinates
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Great radio, excellent sound & quality By
This was my second DMR radio and super pleased with it, and it exceeded my expectations. My hearing is not so great, and the sound quality is excellent. The speaker is VERY loud and clear even in analog. The programming was pretty easy to setup and never had an issue connecting to port and loading and saving code plug. The case is very durable and strong, and display is very clear and easy to understand. As any new radio it takes a bit to get use to the configuration and buttons, but I got use to it pretty fast. The knobs and buttons are easy to get to and work well. I would definitely recommend this radio.
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Buggy Programming Software By
Programming software is buggy and problematic.  For commercial application, unable to enter enhanced encryption key, limits Chars on enhanced to 4.  Because of this will be completely incomparable with existing radios.  Font on software is sometimes hard to read.  Generally has issues.  TYT's programming software is much more Mature. Radio seems to be OK, but without good programming software, unable to use.
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Excellent service By
First time I ordered from you, excellent service and customer service , The radio is very nice , i live in Canada , Quebec ( french country ) alors pour pour ceux qui se demande si se site en vaut la peinne oui tres bonne site pour commander du materiel ,
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A good radio - buy this, but be prepared for teething problems By
Definitely worth purchasing, but has some bugs. Digital monitor doesn't always work (symptom is 5 bars on a received signal but no audio whatsoever). Also seeing similar behavior without digital monitor on where a strong signal will come in but the radio isn't decoding any audio. Receive group list doesn't seem to work at all. Documentation is unclear, especially as to how to set up for "passive" roaming (where the radio monitors the periodic repeater bursts sent out by repeaters ever so often).
And, if left on for several hours, the radio becomes somewhat non-responsive to key presses  and channel switching - there's a notable lag that isn't there when the radio is first turned on - maybe a memory leak or something that is causing the CPU to work harder?

I think this will turn out to be a 5-stars radio once the firmware is up to snuff.
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Great features but digital monitor doesn't work By
Got multiple recommendations for the 868 but bought this one instead because it was a newer model with more features. Generally easy to set up but has typical "new model" issues - namely digital monitor seems to have similar issues the way the 868 did/does - can pick up signals but there's no audio. Assume this will be found and fixed in a subsequent firmware release so I'm sticking with this radio for the time being.
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Fast shipping - Great Anytone Radio By
Fast shipping, radio is basically a D868 with new screen and extra memory.  Bluetooth and extra recording time will be a upgraded feature.
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